Sadly, our own funding is drawing to a close – our last ever schemes are now open for applications on Hiive. But while it's an incredibly tough time for arts funding, there is support out there. We've pulled together a list of some of what's available to help you get your project off the ground. Good luck!


British Film Institute
Deadline(s): Ongoing

The spiel: “We fund script development, film production, short films, film export and distribution, cinemas, film education, culture and archives, festivals and audience support schemes.”

What they fund: The BFI celebrates British film and its significant role in our culture. The organisation champions quality film, bringing arthouse and foreign language movies into the light and offering various avenues of funding, including those tailored to innovative filmmaking, publicity strategies and export. The BFI’s website also provides helpful hints on how to make the most out of the industry, including tax relief tips for British filmmakers.


Ffilm Cymru Wales
Deadline(s): Ongoing

The spiel: "The national development agency for the film industry in Wales"

Ffilm Cymru Wales will support film and media education projects that enhance learning and engagement from 5 – 19 years through to continued lifelong learning and adult education.  We will support projects that adopt a creative approach in encouraging young people to take an active interest in learning, particularly around subjects such as literacy and communication skills but equally across the curriculum framework.


Film and Video Umbrella
Deadline(s): Various

The spiel: “Film and Video Umbrella commissions, curates and produces film, video and other moving-image works by artists which are presented in collaboration with galleries and other cultural partners across the UK.”

What they fund: Currently, Film and Video Umbrella aren’t accepting any submissions, but it’s worth occasionally checking their submissions page for details of future projects.


Film London
Deadline(s): Various

The spiel: “Commissioning the next generation of film-making talent in the capital”

What they fund: Whether you show films or make them, established or just starting out, Film London is here to support you. And we don't just give you money – we support you every step of the way.


Film London Artists' Moving Image Network (FLAMIN)
Deadline(s): Ongoing

The spiel: “commissioning the next generation of film-making talent in the capital”

What they fund: FLAMIN offers a diverse network of support to London’s filmmakers. If you’re just starting a career in film, Microwave provides production funding, training and the professional development that will take your project from script to screen.


Ideas Fund Shorts
Deadline(s): March

A lot can happen in five minutes. In acknowledgement of this, IdeasTap challenges 8 filmmakers to present a brilliant idea in 300 seconds or less – and we also offer £5,000 to help you out.


Into Film
Deadline(s): Ongoing

The spiel: “ inspire young people aged 5-19 across the UK to learn through and about film.”

What they fund: Into Film will put film at the heart of children and young people's learning and cultural experience. Working with the education sector and film industry it will deliver an ambitious and accessible 'See, think, make. Imagine' programme that seeks to make a step change in film learning for 5-19 year olds, encouraging and enabling watching, making and critical understanding on a scale never before seen in this country.


Northern Ireland Screen
Deadline(s): Ongoing

The spiel: "driving global growth through boosting our economy, celebrating our culture and enhancing our children's education"

What they fund: Northern Ireland Screen works with filmmakers to develop and produce feature films and television dramas and to create short film. Their 'Script and Project Development' fund can offer an individual up to £2,250 and a company, up to £40,000. Other funds include 'Feature Film, Television and Digital Contect Production Funding' and 'Short Film' production funding. Northern Ireland Screen also welcomes expressions of interest from writers and writing collectives in Northern Ireland.  


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