Invertigo Theatre

Theatremakers, Creative Space members 2012-2014

“It just takes one person in one moment to give you the boost of confidence you need to think your plans and ideas are possible,” says Steffan Donnelly of Invertigo Theatre Company.

“IdeasTap consistently did this and more with us. Even just bumping into a colleague from IdeasTap in the cafe and having a chat would sometimes change your whole perspective on something you’re working on. We were based in the Creative Space office and paid off our rent by taking part in IdeasTap projects; this broadened our horizons, moved us into unexpected mediums and helped us meet new collaborators. The scarcity of relationships like this, that are special, inclusive, and eye-opening is the greatest challenge facing young creative people today.”

“We joined IdeasTap as inaugural members of the Creative Space programme in Autumn 2012, soon after we all graduated from Guildhall School of Music & Drama,” says Paapa Esseidu. “One of the most exciting opportunities we won through IdeasTap was the chance to create and produce a programme of work as resident company at the HighTide Festival 2013. At the time, we were still a fledging company but we managed to pull off our 'Invertigo Takeover'; a two-day programme of exciting and eclectic work with over 50 artists from a variety of different creative disciplines and backgrounds – dancers to playwrights, filmmakers to molecular gastronomists. IdeasTap have always been there to assist and advise us whenever we've needed them.”

“Miscellany was commissioned for the inaugural IdeasTap Takeover, which took over the RichMix in Shoreditch for the Valentine’s Day weekend of 2014. It was a one-on-one theatrical experience where the audience speed-dated with characters who each showed a different aspect of what love means today, from Freida Kahlo’s love letters, to meeting Romeo,” says Steffan. “The project was a milestone in our development and taught us a huge amount about how to bring an idea to fruition. Although it was only a two-day festival it was packed with a variety of brilliant work, which made us realise how much can actually be achieved with thorough planning, a bit of risk-taking, and teamwork. In terms of a legacy, we still use the same pool of artists, and are currently working with the designer on a co-production with Clwyd Theatr Cymru in Autumn 2015.”

“The IdeasTap Spa was also one of the most inspiring and helpful places to meet new creatives,” says Tim Bowie-Phillips. “I attended the Jack Thorne talk and I have never seen the Green Room so packed! It was amazing to see so many creatives in a room buzzing - I remember talking to a handful of people that I have since gone on to collaborate with.”

“The support from IdeasTap has been crucial to the success of all of our projects up until this point,” says Paapa. “We literally wouldn't be here now without them.”

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