Five common mistakes: New job

Five common mistakes: New job

By NellFrizzellIdeasTap 24/05/12

Stupid little bits of unprofessional behaviour could be the only thing standing between you and a successful career. Whether you're doing job interviews, joining masterclasses, going on training sessions or doing an internship, the same rules apply. So, listen up fools...

1. Turning up late

Always turn up on time. Better still, aim to arrive five minutes early. You don't want to risk making a bad impression by being late. Of course, turning up at dawn for a 3pm meeting can also make you look a little weird – but five minutes early is just good manners.


2. Cancelling things last minute 

If you need to cancel an appointment – whether it’s because you got a last minute audition, your ceiling fell through, you’ve been offered some work, you missed your train, you have to go to another meeting or anything else that’s got in the way – make sure you give plenty of notice. Leaving it to the last minute will only make it worse.


3. Being rude to people because you think they're not important

Don’t be rude to staff members. Any of them. You never know who they are or, more importantly, who they will be in the future. Treat people as you would like to be treated.


4. Not keeping it in your pants

Don’t chat up work contacts. If you genuinely believe that somebody is your soulmate, wait for an appropriate time to ask them out (like when you bump into them in a bar). Don't try it on with people in an office.


5. Dressing inappropriately

We could write a book on this. But here are a couple of the main points: Don’t dress slutty. Even if it gets you some attention at first, it’s not the right kind of attention. And yes, we’re talking to every gender here. Don’t be afraid of looking smart, even if you’re going to work in a cool, hip, young office. A shirt and nice pair of trousers never hurt anyone, especially in those first few weeks when you’re meeting people and scoping out how they behave. Don’t, on any account, wear a slogan t-shirt to work (ditto band t-shirts) until you see someone else wearing one. Finally, for the love of suffering nostrils, wear clean clothes.


And here are two bonus tips for free…

Be very, very careful about what you eat. You don’t want to offend people by spilling food or stinking the room out with your snacks.

If an agency has organised an audition, meeting or placement on your behalf, make sure they tell you where you are going and who you are meeting. Don't just turn up at the venue and hope that there will be someone there to help you. 


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