How to: Advertise yourself online

How to: Advertise yourself online

By Bren 07/09/11

In the creative industries, it’s more important than ever to brand yourself successfully if you want to stand out from the crowd. We guide you through the best ways to market yourself online and get ahead of the game…


Whatever your field – artist, filmmaker, musician or actor, your first online port of call needs to be a blog. Whether it acts as a base for your rambling thoughts or a more formal presentation of ideas and articles, a blog enables you to talk about things that you’re passionate about. Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr are the most popular blogging platforms, and each offers their own advantages. Blogger’s simple and clean layout is perfect for writers who want their work to speak for itself. WordPress allows for a level of customisation to suit the computer-illiterate, the advanced user and everyone in-between. Tumblr’s malleable format means you can upload almost any form of media – including songs, videos and URL links and the many themes allow you choose the look of the blog. It’s also worth considering buying a domain name for an added polished touch – you can bag a .com or domain for under a tenner a year.


If you don’t know your hashtag from your retweet, you need to get yourself up to speed. Twitter is an indispensible way to find out about new opportunities from arts organisations and charities (like us!), engage directly with high-profile figures and express your own thoughts. It’s sometimes known as a platform for shameless promotion, but for young creatives, that’s not always such a bad thing. Read more about what our team had to say about Twitter here.


You might think LinkedIn is for stuffy American businessmen getting to grip with the “World Wide Web”, but with 120 million+ members, you’d be foolish to ignore it. Journalists, producers and artists have all signed up to the site, which gives you a professional way to connect to those you don’t know well but want to pursue a working relationship with. You can also upload your CV, apply for jobs and receive testimonials from those who’ve worked with you. Creatives are too often maligned for a lack of business savvy – don’t be one of those people. 


Of course, there’s no use going to the effort of writing your blog, following Bret Easton Ellis and uploading your CV if people can’t put a face to the name. Headshots aren’t just for actors – people (and therefore companies) are more likely to trust an online presence they can actually see, and it adds a level of respectability and even intimacy to the digital persona you’ve spent all afternoon cultivating. As part of the IdeasTap Spa, we’re offering you the chance to have your picture taken in our professional photographic studio for absolutely nothing, so you can have a great image to go with your blog and profile. 


We’re not usually ones to toot our own horns, but we genuinely think your IdeasTap portfolio is the perfect nursery to host your work. Writers can upload scripts (as Word documents or PDFs), directors can upload clips from their work and actors can upload images and videos of performances. The flexibility of the portfolio is especially helpful to multi-disciplinary artists who want one place to show their photographs, writing and artwork. You can even add a vanity URL to your profile (e.g. for a professional touch to link people to your work easily.


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