IdeasTap Underbelly Award 2014: The winners

IdeasTap Underbelly Award 2014: The winners

By NellFrizzellIdeasTap 17/03/14

The waiting is over. Following the final pitches from a superbly talented shortlist, we are delighted to announce the four winners of the IdeasTap Underbelly Award 2014. We'll be divvying up £25,000 between them, to fund four new theatre pieces at this year's Edinburgh Fringe, and our friends at Underbelly will be providing prime-time slots at great venues. So, an enormous congratulations to…

Rosie Banham with Jewslims, an original look at intercultural relationships:

“We've been developing the project for a while without knowing where or when it will be staged, so now it's great to have a very real goal to work towards in the coming months.

“Up until now, the project has been developed by three of us – writer Karla, performer Daniella and director, me! So now that we've got a space, a run and some funding in place, it's time to get a producer on board, which we're all really excited about. And after that we'll be approaching set, lighting and sound designers. Bringing together a team is one of my favourite parts of staging a play.

“We're also looking forward to scheduling some R&D time prior to our intensive rehearsals in July, so we can play around with some different staging options and identify how the script can be developed in the coming months.”


Buddug James Jones with Hiraeth, a bi-lingual (English and Welsh) devised theatre show about her life growing up on her family farm in west Wales:

“Winning this fund means I can take my debut show up to Edinburgh and stop daydreaming!

“My hope is that Edinburgh will be just the beginning of a long life for the show. Hiraeth is a show about my life, and issues our farming industry is facing right now. I want to share my story to the UK –  and maybe even further – by touring rural communities, where people will recognise my story, and urban areas, where they may not know much about the farming community. We have already begun to organise a tour around Wales, but through the people we’ll meet in Edinburgh, we hope to expand the tour further.”


Rachael Clarke with How to achieve redemption as a Scot through the medium of Braveheart, a performance lecture:

“The IdeasTap Edinburgh fund means I have space to try out new ideas and time to make mistakes and experiment. It means I can work with brilliant practitioners. It means I don’t have to go on the dole for the next few months. It means that my Grandma will finally get to see some of my work. 

“By taking this show to the Fringe I am looking forward to developing my solo practice and opening new opportunities to tour my own work, which feels like a very different strand of work from what I make within a collaboration. I don’t know what will happen next with this – a lot of it depends on how Scotland votes in September! I’m just going to wait and see.”


Rowan Rutter, InSite Performance with We Have Fallen, which explores what happens the day after planes start falling from the sky: 

“I'm absolutely delighted for myself personally and professionally and for what this means for my work with Jacqui Honess-Martin my co-collaborator and co-director of InSite Performance. The fact I have been awarded this money, in collaboration with a wonderful team, is one more step towards increased recognition for producers everywhere.”


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