Ideas Fund Innovators winners

Ideas Fund Innovators winners

By Rachel England 17/07/13

We are very pleased to announce the ten winners of Ideas Fund Innovators, Spring 2013. Well done everybody…

Sarah Crombie will create a four-minute experimental stop-motion animation that explores, manipulates and shoots shadows created by directional light sources. With themes of inheritance and upbringing, the film will follow the story of a young girl’s struggle with her mother’s fears and demons, anthropomorphised as wolves.

Toby Parker-Rees will put on a theatre club night showcasing six or seven plays, each under 15 minutes long, designed for loud crowds. Toby wants to “treat theatre like a gig”, so each night will feature dancing and music between performances to keep energy levels high.

Will Hazell will make a documentary about the Real Life Super Hero movement in the UK, highlighting the everyday heroes fighting crime and helping the homeless – all while wearing a superhero costume.

The collective will run an intensive one-day dance and digital art workshop for rurally isolated, inter-generational communities in Lancashire. Using movement and digital technology, participants will be encouraged to celebrate the uniqueness of their lives and environment, with the day culminating in an informal performance of their creations.

ACOLIT, aka Sasha Burkhanova, will start an artistic project called POOL, based on the game of Chinese Whispers. An original artwork will start the chain of whispers, with the next artist-player interpreting it within their own work, and continuing until five artists have taken part. The project challenges ideas of commissioning and translation, and will result in both a virtual and physical exhibition.

Emily Macinnes will produce a series of anonymous portraits of male childhood abuse survivors. Backed by Falkirk-based group Open Secret, Emily hopes the project will raise awareness of what is still a taboo subject, despite research showing one in six men have experience sexual abuse before the age of 18.

Sophie Pinchetti will create a second issue of her successful debut magazine, The Third Eye. A fiercely independent media celebrating alternatives, madness and consciousness, the magazine is already distributed at bookshops and art galleries around Europe.

Hannah Newman will produce an exhibition of images based on the subject of family and identity. Working with photographer Hayley Benoit, each photography subject will be dressed as their parents were at the same age, to create an image that transcends time and generations.

Hannah Sullivan will create a solo performance based on a memory of her parents dancing to Echo Beach by Martha and the Muffins. Unravelling this memory, Hannah will dive into the subject of dance as a personal and social topic, in a project which is both celebratory and exposing.

Ronan Shiels will produce a musical comedy following the journeys of five advertising interns thrown together by a company that doesn’t really want them. Featuring a mismatched assortment of teenagers grappling to find their way in a strange environment, Take It Interns promises to be a charming and bittersweet musical with a big heart.


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