Editor’s Brief: Protest winners

Editor’s Brief: Protest winners

By Becky Brewis 14/12/11

As always, the entries have been flooding in. This month’s brief invited you to respond in true multi-disciplinary form to the theme of Protest and we’ve been swept off our feet by a tide of brilliant responses. From the wave of antis and the isms, we’ve picked out three gems from the picket line…

1st Owen DaveyEstates Room Auditor – £250

Where were you on the day of the protest? Own Davey explains: “On Thursday 9 December 2010, university staff and students walked out to join the protest against the government's vote on fee increases. I stayed behind, to audit their absence.” As he wanders between empty seminar rooms with his “divinely issued” timetable, he provides some live coverage we don’t normally see (see below).


2nd Dan GiannopoulosA quick lesson in how to get yourself punched in the face – £100

Photographer Dan documents what it looks like precisely 1.5 seconds before your camera is pummelled into your face by the English Defense League. He says: “They possess in equal amounts a disturbingly misplaced sense of national pride and copious quantities of cider.” His composition captures the violence of the scene brilliantly – it’s rare for a photo to make you feel physically threatened like this (see above).


3rd David ShawPalestine goes to the UN – £50

Palestinians celebrate the speech Abbas made for the UN against a flashing indigo sky. Photographer David gives us some background: “This move by the Palestinians was a huge diplomatic form of protest, it showed the world that the Palestinians are never going to back down. It showed how many countries and people support Palestine and the Palestinian's right to a free government.” 


Still hungry? Why not apply for the latest Editor’s Brief. The theme is “greed” and the top prize is £250.

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