Creative Space: London - join us at IdeasTap HQ

Creative Space: London - join us at IdeasTap HQ

By Becky Brewis 02/10/12

Our Creative Space programme is back – an opportunity for IdeasTap members to swap their creative skills for office space, facilities and a buzzing community of creative businesses. Thinking of applying? Read about the experiences of three Creative Space residents…

Sian Meades, Editor of lifestyle blog Domestic Sluttery

When you work for yourself from the comfort of your home, you don’t really have any colleagues (the cast of Gilmore Girls doesn’t count). You don’t have people to chat to while you make a cup of tea. You don’t have a bunch of folk who understand when you’re having a tough day. That’s the best thing about Creative Space for me. Everyone in the space understands that running a business is hard; working for yourself is rewarding but having a bunch of people to share the ups and downs with makes a huge difference to my working day.

I wouldn’t say that I work harder, but I do work better. I’m not staring at my laptop at two am every night. I’m more productive, I’m more focused and I’m creating new opportunities. I’m happier, I’m more relaxed, and my business is becoming stronger and more profitable.


Sarah Loader, Producer at theatre company Snapdragon Productions

The Creative Space environment is compelling. It gives you the feeling that everyone around you is very much “on the up”. Being in that environment really drives us forward, not to mention the brilliant creative contacts that we have forged as a result of being in the space.

Peter De Haan, who founded IdeasTap and introduced the Creative Space programme, believes that if you are working in a positive and healthy environment, you will work harder. That has certainly been the case for us. The comfortable chairs, welcoming meeting spaces and healthy subsidised canteen helps you feel comfortable, encourages a maintainable routine and spurs us on to work harder and enjoy our work more.

The space gives Snapdragon that classy edge that we didn’t have when we were running the business from our kitchen tables. Finally being able to say “come to my office” to a client or collaborator and seeing the impression the space leaves with them is a wonderful feeling and gives us confidence in our company and our work.


Chris Martinez, Head of Production at film company PINYATA

Creative Space has been a great opportunity to take our film production company forward. 

Working from a professional environment has really encouraged us to work harder and raise our standard of work. The location and facilities have also had a positive impact on our clients.

The community aspect is great as it has opened up a lot of collaborative opportunities but also ensures it is a fun place to be creative and run ideas by others.

I fully recommend the scheme to anyone looking for a hub to work from and meet like-minded creatives. 

Apply to join Creative Space now – membership will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so get your application in quickly…

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