Five Essentials: Designer-Maker

Five Essentials: Designer-Maker

By Luiza 31/08/12

Kimberley Golding is a Designer-Maker with her very own baby clothes label, Mini Magpie – all the items she sells are "upcycled" from second-hand textiles. Here, she tells us about her favourite work tools: from her sewing machine to her muse...

Full name/age/job title:

Kimberley Golding, 29, Designer-Maker at Mini Magpie.

What does your job involve?

I look at other brands and see what kids are wearing, I also collect vintage pieces to take inspiration from. I buy second hand jumpers, then wash them and cut them up into pieces and sew them back together as baby clothes.

I photograph them and label them, then upload onto Etsy and sell them at the market stalls.

I also run classes in upcycling teaching others how to do the same thing on a home machine. 


Five things I couldn't work without: 

1. My industrial overlocker machine

This is a big sewing machine in my kitchen which cuts the fabric as it sews and is so fun to use, efficient and quick.

2. Pom-pom maker

These are little contraptions in different sizes which I use to make pom poms quickly, enabling me to make the quantities I need. 

3. Scissors sharpener

This keeps it easy to cut up large amounts of wool jumpers.

4. My son, Odin (pictured above)

He is the fitting model and the muse of all I make! 

5. Moth balls

I keep these wooden balls like charms everywhere in every bag, as there are old wool and cashmere jumpers all over my house! 


You can find Mini Magpie at Chatsworth Market, Netil Market and online.

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