Jasmine Alice

Jasmine Alice

Jasmine Cole

South West

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Jasmine Alice's Blog

  • Too many brooths...

    14/03/14 at 14:30

    ...Spoil the cook?
  • Its been ages!

    09/02/14 at 14:00

    Wow it has been a long time since I last added anything on here. What a crazy few months and I havn't done very much creatively at all. Well today the sun is shining and I'm on track. Lets get back to it!!
  • ITS DONE!!

    05/03/13 at 18:40

    The projections have been and gone. What an amazing night! Thanks you to everyone who helped and supported us. A Special thanks to IdeasTap for funding us in the first place. Now we have to sort out the dvd and start planning for next year!! YAY!!
  • Old Church Project WEBSITE!

    22/02/13 at 21:53

    The website is up!! Find it here;
  • Sound sound sound!!

    07/02/13 at 20:48

    Well it is nearly all done! We recorded the narration for the girls friendly society tonight. Next week we have the silver band and melodian man to record... It all go as always. :p
  • Being ILL!!

    29/01/13 at 00:17

    Fo so long, and all of us, has been an unexpected hurdle. Not as fustrating as the video software crashing and refusing to finish the final scene though!!  
  • Lost Files...

    14/12/12 at 23:56

    Finally came to write up my Sky Arts application and... the notes I had typed up have been deleted!! Noooo!! Start from scratch time...

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