Jasmine Alice

Jasmine Alice

Jasmine Cole

Worked with:
Miracle Theatre, The Story Republic (KEAP), Wildworks, The DayLight Group, Cascade Theatre, Kudos.
South West

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Jasmine Alice's Blog

  • Running?

    28/01/15 at 11:48

    Did my decision to take up running, got to get fit and healthy you know, lead to my stepping on a plug and stabbling my foot. No there is no cause and effect link, however it is so strange that often in life things happen at the weirdest moments. I feel like this 'coinsidence' should be turned into a story... Just goes to show, even when horribly injured the first thing I think is "How can I make some art out of this"!
  • Hmmm? 2015 is it?

    24/01/15 at 15:12

    Really? Its near the end of Jan already? Can't quite believe how quick times flies. At the moment TR10 drama and Artymation Club are my main jobs on. Lots of planning, dealing with primary school kids and creating exciting art from imaginative young minds.
  • Argh..

    16/12/14 at 10:56

    ... I never seem to have time to add a post here. Must make more time in my schedule, I really want this to become a record of the work im doing!
  • Busy busy bee..

    13/11/14 at 16:35

    .. so much on! Which is good of course. As a freeelancer in the arts having work and being busy is vital...
  • Headshots Headshots Headshots!

    26/10/14 at 21:54

    Can you tell im very excited? Thats right, I have booked a slot, im getting headshots. THe only problem I have now, apart from choosing what to wear, is do I get my hair cut?? On the one hand it doesn't look too bad as it is, on the other I was thinking of getting it cut soon and I want these headshots to be up to date... Oh the decisions!

    24/10/14 at 18:43

    ...FANTASTIC. We started with some movement work, tension game, centre of gravity alignment. Moving on to text work, looked at a couple of great speeches. Firstly looking at sound and second at meaning. REally intersting aproaches! Absolutly loved it. Can't wait to find out if I have made it through to the next round!!
  • Very Excited...

    23/10/14 at 08:43

    ... for the Smooth Faced Gentlemen workshop on Shakespeare. Shame I didnt get a headshot slot, could have just about managed to do both. It is a misson getting a slot these days, they sell out before I realise they are even booking. One day I will be lucky!!

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