Jasmine Alice

Jasmine Alice

Jasmine Cole

Worked with:
Miracle Theatre, The Story Republic (KEAP), Wildworks, Daylight Arts, Cascade Theatre, Kudos.
South West

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Jasmine Alice's Blog


    24/10/14 at 18:43

    ...FANTASTIC. We started with some movement work, tension game, centre of gravity alignment. Moving on to text work, looked at a couple of great speeches. Firstly looking at sound and second at meaning. REally intersting aproaches! Absolutly loved it. Can't wait to find out if I have made it through to the next round!!
  • Very Excited...

    23/10/14 at 08:43

    ... for the Smooth Faced Gentlemen workshop on Shakespeare. Shame I didnt get a headshot slot, could have just about managed to do both. It is a misson getting a slot these days, they sell out before I realise they are even booking. One day I will be lucky!!
  • Pop-up poetry party...

    19/10/14 at 17:15

    ... What a fab idea. Shallal Dance Theatre kindly invited me to perform at this wonderful event. Held at Falmouth Gallery, a mix of clown, poerty, music and party food. With activites for all ages. Great time. It's amazng having a job like this!!
  • So That Worked...

    17/10/14 at 23:09

    ...Not! Well this time I really will update this blog more often. Today has been productive anyway: Getting the website together. Hunting down some footage for my showreel. Sorting out my Facebook Profile. Now if my portfolio settings would stop crashing, that'd be great.
  • Who needs to join the gym...

    01/09/14 at 20:20

    ...when you can just lift rostrum instead. had a very productive first day as Assistant Production Manager. Looking forward to the show next week, but first there is the small matter of getting everything ready! :)
  • Well I never..

    31/08/14 at 12:03

    ... have got into this blogging thing. Looking back at the few I have writen is actually quite rewarding. To see what i was up to and how thing where going. So I am setting myself a challenge! I will blog once a week at least, in the hope I might have somesort of record of whats going on.
  • Too many brooths...

    14/03/14 at 14:30

    ...Spoil the cook?

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