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At HighTide we pride ourselves on discovering new playwrights and giving their play a world-class production. If you are a playwright looking for your big-break, then we want to read the best unproduced play you have.

 We accept scripts from around the world via our partner website IdeasTap. Scripts are read by our Artistic Director and Artistic Associates. Of the 1000 scripts we receive annually, 100 writers are then invited to work with the company through workshops, readings, and full productions.


 What We Are Looking For

HighTide programmes new plays that engage in the world we live in now, told fearlessly in bold theatrical ways by writers who write to exorcise, reflect and challenge.  We produce full length plays that are outstanding and conceived for live performance.  We champion and proudly promote work that is the beneficiary of our unique platform at the HighTide Festival.

 Before you submit a play, we invite you to engage with us and our work and welcome you to join us at the HighTide Festival in rural Suffolk.  Away from the festival, look at the writers we have worked with and the projects we have developed. 

Please do not send us screenplays, treatments, radio plays prose or poetry as we do not produce work in adaptation or for non live performance.  We rarely produce historical drama or biographical work unless these allow us a new perspective on contemporary life. 


How To Send Us Your Script

To send us your play, you need to respond to the twice yearly brief on the IdeasTap site; briefs are open for a period of one month. If you haven’t already set up an IdeasTap profile, you can do that here. After the deadline, your play will be downloaded by us and then logged for reading by our Artistic Director and Associates. 


What Happens Next

It can take up to 6 months for us to read and respond to your submission and the play will be read by the Artisitc Director or one of our expert HighTide Associates.  The readers’ report forms the basis for all consideration and will determine which plays are shorlisted for a second read.  Your play may be selected for production and/or development through a live reading, so we will be back in touch once a decision has been made.


If Your Play isn’t Produced or Developed by HighTide

Unfortunately, we are not resourced to offer dramaturgical feedback or critical responses to writers whose play we are neither producing nor developing.  We are unable to enter into correspondence with these same writers, however with work that has particular merit but we are unable to programme at the HighTide Festival we will always be an advocate to other theatres and producers where possible.

We actively encourage script submissions from writers of all backgrounds, without discrimination.



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How To Submit a play to HighTide


What makes a winning submission and who will be reading that pile of scripts…

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