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You’d better sit down – things are about to get pretty exciting.

Your short film could be screened at Bestival’s very own Sol Cinema

That’s right – your work, on show at Bestival’s very own solar powered micro-venue, right in the middle of the Ambient Forest. Sol Cinema may even want to show your film at future events and festivals.

Your film could be funny, inspiring, uplifting, vintage, political, or just plain daft. But it must be short – between 30 seconds and eight minutes long. Remember that shorter videos are more suited for wandering festival folk.

Sol Cinema has no limit on the number of films they’ll select – so grab the celluloid bull by the horns and apply!

More about Sol Cinema

Sol Cinema will offer a red carpet experience for your short film at Bestival, complete with smartly dressed usherettes and popcorn. A full house is just eight adults, which prompted the BBC to dub the cinema as the “world's smallest movie theatre”. It is also entirely powered by the sun.

Sol Cinema tailors each presentation (generally 10 minutes long) towards each audience. Once the red velvet curtains open, they show a mixture of quirky short films before the main feature.

More about Bestival 

Bestival takes place on the Isle of Wight between 6-9 September and attracts over 55,000 people. It was voted Best Major Festival 2010 and Fan’s Favourite Festival 2011 at the UK Festival awards.

This year’s line up includes Stevie Wonder, Florence and the Machine and New Order, as well as theatre, cabaret, cinema, circus, a carnival parade, a rollerdisco, feasts, talks, workshops and games.


This brief closes at 5pm on Friday 3 August and is open to IdeasTap members aged 16 and over. If you have any technical queries, please visit our Help Centre. Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances, including technical issues – so make sure you don’t leave your application to the last minute.


How to apply


  • I got a notification too saying that I had been short-listed then never heard anything else. Very professional. Suffice to say I won't be bothering with this site any more.


    vonpoopmiester , Animator , 18/09/12 , 168 AP

  • Is Ideastap going to explain what happened with this brief? It would be good to know what's going on?


    Amy Claire , Writer , 10/09/12 , 1,807 AP

  • I'm guessing this brief is void? I have been shortlisted, but there are no winners and the festival ends soon?


    James Ernest , Writer , 08/09/12 , 3,642 AP

  • Hi there, Bestival starts tomorrow and nobody has contacted me about the file yet. What's going on?


    Christian Schmeer , Photographer , 05/09/12 , 587 AP

  • Hi there,
    Our film has been shortlisted - just wondering how you want to high res version - as a file? A Vimeo link? Using Drop Box? Just so we have it ready to go as soon as you request it. Thanks!


    makeshift.broadcast , Producer , 31/08/12 , 478 AP

  • When are the winners announced?


    anttoby , Director , 29/08/12 , 985 AP

  • Hi Flora,

    If you upload your film to your IdeasTap portfolio you can then hide your portfolio by adjusting your privacy settings on your Settings page. This means that no-one, apart from the judges, will be able to see your film.

    Bestival is coming up soon and, if you win, your film will be screened there and so be sure to check that this will not affect your other festival applications.



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 03/08/12 , 7,335 AP

  • I was wondering if it is possible to submit a film without publishing the link to the film on my profile? I do not yet want to publish my film online as it is less than a year old and has some festival applications pending. Could I inlcude the hidden link in my 100 word description and include film stills on my profile?


    Flora Bradwell , Artist , 01/08/12 , 833 AP

  • Hi Laurence,

    You can find a step-by-step guide on how to apply by clicking on the How To Respond tab at the top of this page.



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 12/07/12 , 7,335 AP

  • How do you submit them?


    LaurenceWoodcock , Journalist , 11/07/12 , 42 AP


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