The Light Princess – filmmaking competition



What you win

The final five films will be published on the National Theatre’s website and their YouTube channel. You will also receive expert mentoring and tickets to a preview of The Light Princess.


Michael Peers – Digital Content Producer, National Theatre

Emma Bull – Digital Content Producer, National Theatre

Rob Watt – Youth Programme Manager, National Theatre 

The National Theatre are looking for enthusiastic and talented filmmakers who have an interest in one, or all, of the following: theatre, fairytales, storytelling, visual creativity. This brief is aimed at filmmakers who haven't had the opportunity before to have their work supported and showcased.


Brief closed
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To celebrate the debut of their new musical, The Light Princess, the National Theatre is looking for IdeasTap members to make a short film inspired by the show. Your film can take any form of moving image, including animation, computer generated graphics, documentary, etc. This brief is aimed at filmmakers who haven't had the opportunity before to have their work supported and showcased.

Opening on 25 September, The Light Princess, adapted from a Scottish fairytale, is the story of a princess who loses her sense of gravity after the death of her mother and, through the pursuit of true love, must confront her deepest fears.

The NT is looking for applications from pairs of filmmakers. There will be five winning duos – that means 10 winners in total. You will be paired-up with a relevant mentor. You will also be working with the National Theatre's in-house filmmaking unit.

This is how it’ll work:

  • You and your partner will be paired-up with a suitable mentor
  • You will see a preview of The Light Princess
  • On Saturday 5 October, you will take part in a series of workshops looking at the various aspects of the show. At the end of this day, each duo will pitch an idea and then receive feedback from their mentors
  • From this feedback you will submit a final treatment by Friday 12 October
  • You will then make your film and provide a first edit by Friday 2 November, a second edit on Friday 9 November and the final film on Wednesday 13 November.

The final five films will be published on the National Theatre’s website and their YouTube channel.

This brief closes on Friday 6 September at 12pm and is open to IdeasTap members aged 18 to 25. If you have any technical queries, please visit the Help Centre. Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances, including technical issues – so make sure you don’t leave your application to the last minute.

How to apply


  • Hiya, I also forgot to link to my partner's profile. It is


    SamSteiner , Writer , 06/09/13 , 938 AP

  • Hi- I forgot to link my partner's ideastap profile. It is


    jack.buck , Writer , 06/09/13 , 69 AP

  • Hi, just wondering if both my partner and I have to apply separately and then link to the other's profile or submit as one application? Thanks


    n1cc1 , Fashion designer , 02/09/13 , 56 AP

    • Submit through one application (if you look on the application, you will see that you will be asked to add a link to your partner's IdeasTap profile).



      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 03/09/13 , 10,617 AP

  • Hi there all,

    Im a 20 year old Scottish actress, London based and want to make any budding film makers aware that i would love to be involved in the making of any potential shorts. If you are looking for actors for your piece please do take a look at my portfolio and get in touch. Im experienced, eager to experiment with new projects and reliable.

    Many thanks and good luck!


    Laurenlyle , Actor , 01/09/13 , 350 AP

  • Hello,

    Can my partner be an international MA student? Does he not count as a Uk resident for the time of his study?

    Thank you!


    edagiray , Artist , 21/08/13 , 160 AP

    • Hello there, yes, if your partner is living and studying in the UK, they are eligible.



      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 22/08/13 , 10,617 AP

  • When it says 'haven't had the opportunity before to have their work supported and showcased' - does that mean that if you've ever screened at a festival that you're ineligible to apply?


    ClaireElizabethAlberie , Director , 12/08/13 , 563 AP

    • Hi Claire, we've passed your question on to the NT team and will be in touch shortly. Thanks!


      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 13/08/13 , 10,617 AP

    • Hi Claire, we can confirm you are still eligible to apply if you to have one or two films screened. However, the NT team are ideally looking to hear from filmmakers with little professional experience who are in the early stages of their career and need that extra boost.



      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 13/08/13 , 10,617 AP

  • Do you have to be a UK resident to apply?


    cindyl1n , Designer , 04/08/13 , 47 AP

    • Yes, as with most of our briefs on IdeasTap, this opportunity is for UK residents. You can find out more about who we support and why here:



      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 05/08/13 , 10,617 AP

  • Hello, does the film need to be made entirely by my partner and I. Can we for instance get an editor?


    MariaSorescu , , 30/07/13 , 107 AP

    • It's fine for the two applicants to work with other people (e.g. editors) on the final film.


      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 31/07/13 , 10,617 AP

  • Hi, if I turn 26 in October, does that count me out? thanks


    Jo , Video/film production , 26/07/13 , 142 AP

    • As long as you are aged 16-25 on the closing date, then that's fine.



      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 26/07/13 , 10,617 AP

  • Hello,
    Will shortlisted treatments be given a budget in order to complete their films? thanks


    culture.kid , Video/film production , 23/07/13 , 1,962 AP

    • Hello, unfortunately there is no budget for filmmakers on this occasion but it is very much intended to be a training and showcasing opportunity, and your assigned mentor and the NT filmmaking team will be able to guide you through the process too.



      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 25/07/13 , 10,617 AP


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