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Sky Arts is offering five young artists £30,000 each to fund their work for a full year as part of the Sky Arts Ignition: Futures Fund - in association with IdeasTap.



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Sky Arts Futures Fund has been renamed Sky Academy Arts Scholarships. To find out more, visit the Sky Academy website.


Sky Arts is offering five young artists £30,000 each to fund their work for a full year as part of the Sky Arts Ignition: Futures Fund - in association with IdeasTap.

Sky Arts recognises that there’s an incredible amount of young talent in the arts today - but finding a way to get your work made is an ever-present challenge. The fund is designed to help bridge the gap between formal education and becoming a working artist.

So, whether you want to direct a piece of theatre, choreograph a new dance piece, write a novel, record an album, create a sculpture or produce a live art performance, Sky Arts will give you the time and money to make it happen. We’ll also pair you with a mentor from Sky to help you develop your networks, skills and knowledge in the arts and the commercial sector.

The Sky Arts Ignition: Futures Fund is open to individual artists working in visual art, theatre, performance art, film, music, dance or literature. To apply, you must be an IdeasTap member aged 18-30 on 19 September 2011 and be based in either the UK or Ireland. It’s free to become an IdeasTap member and just takes a few minutes - sign up here.

Tell us how the Sky Arts Ignition: Futures Fund bursary can help take your work to the next level and you could be in with the chance of receiving one of five £30,000 bursaries, as well as an opportunity to showcase your work on Sky Arts – be it on TV, online or on demand.

Two winners will be selected during this round of funding. The next round will open in early 2012 from which three further winners will be chosen.

The Sky Arts Ignition: Futures Fund is part of the Sky Arts Ignition Series, which seeks to collaborate with six arts organisations over the next three years in the creation of brand new works, and further expanding Sky’s support of the arts in the UK and Ireland.

About Sky Arts

Sky is the only broadcaster in the UK and Ireland with channels dedicated solely to the arts, with 48 hours of the best arts content from around the world across Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 2 daily. Recent highlights include the latest season of the Met Opera, Chekhov Comedy Shorts, a season of brand new plays starring the cream of British comedic talent, Tim Marlow on Sculpture 3D and The South Bank Sky Arts Awards.

Sky Arts also seeks to connect with culture on the ground; creating and collaborating with the best of the arts in the UK and Ireland to bring new experiences to life.

For more information on Sky Arts, please visit


Download the terms and conditions here.

Read an interview with Sky Arts Channel Director James Hunt.

Get advice on applying for the Futures Fund from Sky's Senior Arts Executive Freya Murray.


Applications close at 5pm on Monday 19 September 2011. Please do not leave it to the last day to apply - we are expecting a very high volume of applications, so if you experience technical difficulties or have any questions we may not be able to help you at that late stage. The deadline is final and we will not accept applications by any other means.

To find out how to apply, click on the How to respond tab above.


How to apply


  • I've made a mistake on my submitted application. I haven't provided contact details for my referee which I had saved aside in a separate document. Is there any possibility of providing my referee's contact details in my portfolio? Is my application immediately disqualified for missing this detail?


    Clara Bacou , Artist , 11/12/13 , 304 AP

    • I'm so sorry for having done that. I really hope I can provide them outside the application and that it still counts. Thank you so much.



      Clara Bacou , Artist , 11/12/13 , 304 AP

  • thanks a lot so what about the internationals queries?


    IBU , Video/film production , 01/02/13 , 90 AP

  • Hello Ideas Tap,

    I am submitting a Contemporary Dance application for Sky Arts Ignition. As a part of hte project, I am planning to collaborate with a Photographer, Composer, and Film Artist- Am I legible for funding?


    GyiDance , , 07/12/12 , 108 AP

  • Hello Joe and IdeasTap - I am having problems adding an audio file to my portfolio. It says you can only embed files so am using an embed code from soundcloud, but then it says i haven't filled out the form properly and is looking for me to choose a file to upload...? Hope you can help


    RichardCarr1987 , Artist , 28/11/12 , 260 AP

  • Is there going to be another round for 2012-2013??


    Audrey , Actor , 07/09/12 , 433 AP

  • Joe wrote below that the shortlist would be announced mid-October so it's gotta be any day now.


    ChinaSoulWriting , Playwright , 23/10/11 , 348 AP

  • Hi there, was just wondering when the shortlist will be announced?


    laurenhamilton , Director , 19/10/11 , 995 AP

  • I wondered when we would find out the outcome of this?


    davidwatson , Choreographer , 05/10/11 , 299 AP

  • Hi Joe,

    Having sent my submission on time, only today have I managed to upload pilot/photos/audio to my portfolio- is it too late!?



    liarogers , Actor , 23/09/11 , 347 AP

  • Hi i wanted to find out when the shortlisted applicants will be uploaded to the site?



    Daniel Paul da Costa , Artist , 23/09/11 , 434 AP


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