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This brief is for the 16-20 age category. If you’re 21-25 apply here.

You won’t believe this. We’re giving 20 IdeasTap members the chance to get personal feedback on their acting technique from none other than Kevin Spacey.

If that’s not amazing enough, the 20 lucky winners will also get a free, professionally-shot showreel of their Spacey-approved monologue.

To apply for this incredible opportunity you’ll need to choose a one-minute monologue from a published, contemporary theatrical text. It cannot be written by you or come from film or TV.

You’ll then need to film your monologue in any manner available to you – whether that’s with your mobile phone or a professional camera. There are no points for production values, we’re only judging the quality of your acting. Upload it to YouTube, whack it in your IdeasTap portfolio and Bob’s your uncle.

Make sure the script you choose is one you love – you’ll be performing it on the day to Kevin Spacey, and it will be the script we film for your showreel. If you go over a minute, your application will be invalid.

There will be two groups of 10 winners presenting to Kevin, split into age categories: 16-20 and 21-25-year-olds. This brief is for 16-20-year-olds – apply here for the older category.


You must be available on the afternoon of Thursday 25 November, when shortlisted applicants will audition in person to Old Vic New Voices staff and then all day on Friday 26 November, when Kevin Spacey: The Class will take place. Both sessions will take place at a central London location. You will be performing in front of your group and the event will be filmed.

Good luck and get filming!

If you have any technical difficulties please email

To find out how to apply, click on the How to respond tab at the top of the page.

Deadline for applications: 5pm on Friday 19th November.

Download application form here...

How to apply


  • Hi Fran,

    We've checked in your activity feed and although you uploaded all the documents to your portfolio with time to spare you didn't submit them to the brief. Full details on how to apply could be found by clicking on the How To Respond tab at the top of this page. In future, if you have any queries about a brief please get in touch with us as soon as possible.




    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 24/11/10 , 7,346 AP

  • even though i posted my video and application before the deadline i wasn't considered to have applied on the list.
    you say that there will be future opportunities such as this, so i was just wondering what i did wrong technically to ensure that my application did not count?
    many thanks.

    avatar , Actor , 24/11/10 , 48 AP

  • Hi Alex,

    The shortlisted applicants have been notified and so if you haven't heard from us by now then I'm really sorry to say that you have been unsuccessful. We are planning many more opportunities for members looking to break into the performing arts, including further editions of The Class so stay tuned.




    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 23/11/10 , 7,346 AP

  • When will the lucky people find out if they've got an audition on Thursday or not? Just for booking trains etc. :)


    Alex Marlow , Actor , 20/11/10 , 612 AP

  • Hi all,

    This brief has now closed. I'm afraid to say that all applications received after 5pm will not be included in the judging process. If you are unsure if your application has come through please check the Responses tab on the left hand side of this page.




    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 19/11/10 , 7,346 AP

  • I've just sent my application but it's very long to charge (it says "saving...saving...saving..." :s) and I've just observed that my video is 2minutes long and not one... that's not very good, I guess :s


    Rosa Salomé , Singer , 19/11/10 , 107 AP

  • Joe,

    I was applying 2 minutes before the brief was closed but I'm not sure if my application was saved because it was taking ages. Please advise and confirm if my application has gone through.



    jah406 , Actor , 19/11/10 , 18 AP

  • Oh no! i uploaded my video like 3 minutes too late and the breid has closed. how annoying my internet has not worked untill half four.
    i am so frustrated/annoyed and extremly jealous of those who get this opportunity!
    Good Luck to you all


    aliiix , Actor , 19/11/10 , 27 AP

  • DONE

    avatar , Actor , 19/11/10 , 48 AP

  • oh i have spent the whole day trying to figure it out and it is now 1:11

    thank you so much :)


    nobahar , Singer , 19/11/10 , 238 AP


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