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Are you a fan of international drama? Do you have a way with words?

We’re looking for four IdeasTap members to travel to NSDF’s International Student Drama Festival in Sheffield in June to report on the event for us – and to represent us.

Winners will be split into two teams, with one team reporting on the first half of the festival, the second team reporting on the second half. We’ll work out a schedule for them in advance, and each winner will be paid for four nights of accommodation (£30 per night) plus travel expenses and £10 per day subsistence. 

They will be expected to report for us – blogging, interviewing and writing articles – but also to represent IdeasTap and spread the word about us.

NSDF 12 – ISDF takes place from 22 to 30 June – so please make sure you are free to attend before applying.

The festival will be an unprecedented celebration of young people’s theatre from across the globe and will bring together emerging artists and practitioners alongside an international elite of professionals spanning every theatrical discipline. It will feature over 100 performances, 200 workshops, discussions, masterclasses and late-night professional performances in venues across Sheffield, including the wonderful Sheffield Theatres, University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. 

Reporters will receive a free ticket to ISDF worth £150, which will give them access to all of the festival’s workshops and events – so while they only have to report for us for half of the festival, they are welcome to stay around for the duration. (However, we can't pay for accommodation beyond the agreed four nights.)


This brief closes at 5pm on Thursday 19 April and is open to IdeasTap members aged 18 to 30. If you have any technical queries, email Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances, including technical issues – so make sure you don’t leave your application to the last minute.


Image by Allan Titmuss. 

How to apply


  • Hi Inga,

    I'm afraid we can only judge supporting work that is in your portfolio.



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 19/04/12 , 7,346 AP

  • Is it ok if the writing samples are on the blog, rather than portfolio on my profile?


    ingarudzitis , Actor , 17/04/12 , 879 AP

  • Hi Josh,

    No, you are able to enter.



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 16/04/12 , 7,346 AP

  • Are we able to enter if we're going to be at the Festival as a team member for one of the shows? Or does this count as a conflict of interest? Thanks!



    Joshua McTaggart , Director , 13/04/12 , 843 AP

  • Hi Stephanie,

    Please don't worry, your application has come through fine.



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 10/04/12 , 7,346 AP

  • Accidentally submitted my application whilst trying to swap the format of my CV. It's gone through as a docx. file. Help?


    StephanieEphani , Director , 09/04/12 , 372 AP

  • Hi Edward,

    Yep, that's fine. Please specify this on your application form.



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 03/04/12 , 7,346 AP

  • Hi; I'm ridiculously interested but am not available on June 29th; can I still apply and cover the first half of the festival if successful?


    edfranklin42 , Journalist , 02/04/12 , 310 AP


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