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To celebrate all the creativity, collaboration and ambition of our members, we are launching a brand new brief that asks you to curate and create your very own anthology – an online magazine/publication that we will fund and promote.

That’s right. As a group of three of more, the winning editorial team will pitch us a theme and create an online magazine filled to the brim with multi-disciplinary content by yourselves, your collaborators and IdeasTap members. We're looking for a group from any discipline – illustration, animation, film, literature, photography et al – to take the helm. Your anthology could be a collection of poetry, an illustration zine, a photography journal, or all the above – whatever tickles your fancy.

The winning group will be given £2,000, professional mentoring and three months to design and produce an online readable PDF anthology. It can be as long as you like, but you must commit to whatever you propose in your application.

Here at IdeasTap, we strongly believe in rewarding hard work. So, you will be expected to use part of your prize money to pay for the content you commission. 

As well as your online anthology, you will be expected to create some “making of” content, to live on your very own IdeasTap partner page. We will upload it for you, but you will be expected to document the process, in video, images or text.

So, whether you’re a group of filmmakers, artist, poets, writers, comedians, illustrators, graphic designers, musicians or simply a group of like-minded creatives up for the challenge, then don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

We are looking for...

  • Applications from groups (minimum of three people, preferably more)
  • An interesting, original theme with a clear content plan
  • A defined strategy to involve IdeasTap members and find contributors
  • Applicants who we believe can deliver and who will be able to effectively manage the budget


For advice on how to set up a magazine, read our article including tips from the experts.


The brief closes on Wednesday 11 January at 5pm and is open to IdeasTap members aged 16-25 based in the UK. Please download and read the Terms and Conditions.


Image: Elder Sumner's cut & paste collage by ms. neaux neaux, available under a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

Follow this brief to download the application form

How to apply


  • Hi all,

    We're very sorry for the delay with this. The winners will be announced later this week.



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 18/01/12 , 7,344 AP

  • I think jpb1 must be right.
    Anticipation is killing us though! Ahhh :D


    AmzyyDoodles , Writer , 16/01/12 , 564 AP

  • Well, according to the t+c's, the winner will be announced... three days ago. Apparently, work on the portfolio begins today. Perhaps all the applications were brilliant and IdeasTap are gathering the funds to give us £2000 each?


    jpb1 , Writer , 16/01/12 , 252 AP

  • Any ideas when the successful applicant is announced?


    joeyvivo , Editor , 16/01/12 , 225 AP

  • Sooo. Not that I'm not loving the anticipation, but any news on when the results are being announced?


    jpb1 , Writer , 14/01/12 , 252 AP

  • Hi Danny,

    Yes, email us at



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 11/01/12 , 7,344 AP

  • it's not letting me upload our application even though it's a word document...what do i do?? can i email it you please?


    DannyCraw , Dancer , 11/01/12 , 49 AP

  • Hi,

    Danny - Yes, don't worry, the judges will always be able to see your supporting work.

    Lucy - Just replied to you...



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 11/01/12 , 7,344 AP

  • Just a note: I have emailed ideastap to let them know this but the video I have embedded in my portfolio is refusing to play. It plays fine on my computer and on youtube.


    LucyDanser , Producer , 11/01/12 , 2,385 AP

  • hi, do i have to disable all my privacy settings or can you view my portfolio etc even if others can't?


    DannyCraw , Dancer , 11/01/12 , 49 AP


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