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What you win

Five IdeasTap members will win £30,000 bursaries and mentoring support from Sky.


The Sky Academy Arts Scholarships will be judged by a panel of independent industry experts alongside members of the Sky Arts and IdeasTap teams. 


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PLEASE READ: Sky Arts Futures Fund has been renamed Sky Academy Arts Scholarships BUT don't worry, absolutely everything else about the brief is unchanged. The application process and the terms and conditions will all remain exactly the same, so if you've already applied, you don't need to do anything. And if you've downloaded the application form and are in the process of filling it out, please continue to do so – the form hasn't changed. To find out more, visit the Sky Academy Arts Scholarships website or read more about it on IdeasTap.


For the third year running Sky, in association with IdeasTap, is giving away five £30,000 bursaries and mentoring support to talented artists aged 18-30 from the UK and Ireland. And this year, it could be you...

Sky Arts recognises that there’s an incredible amount of young talent in the arts today, but finding a way to get your work made is an ever-present challenge – so together we’re on the lookout for five more artists to support.

The scholarships are designed to help emerging artists from a range of different disciplines to develop their creative practice and take their work to the next level. In addition to the £30,000 bursary, winners are also paired with relevant business and creative mentors from Sky and their industry to support them along the way.

Producer Kate Whitley, one of our 2013 artists, said: “Winning has been totally transformative for my work - as well as the financial support, it has offered a wealth of knowledge and experience that I would never have come across otherwise. It has completely turned the project around and helped it grow in ways that I couldn't have even imagined!”

There have been 10 lucky winners to date: Daisy Evans, Phoebe Boswell, Felix Mortimer, Laurence Payot, Drew Roper, Lu Sisi, Mark Simpson, Sabrina Mahfouz, Aakash Odedra and Kate Whitley. Read more about last year’s winners…

Now for the important bit... we'll be giving away five bursaries in this round, and Sky Academy Arts Scholarships is open to applications from individuals working in the following fields:

• Performing arts: theatre-makers including directors, spoken word artists, puppeteers and live artists

• Dance: dancers and choreographers

• Music: musicians, composers, songwriters and conductors

• Visual art: including painters, sculptors, photographers, animators and digital artists

• Creative producing: do you bring together disparate parts of culture in exciting and innovative ways? This category is open to creative producers working in visual arts, theatre, film and performance/dance

• Creative writing: including playwrights, novelists, graphic novelists and poets – but not film or TV scripts

The five winners won't necessarily come from five different categories. Looking at all the applications, the judges will pick the five entries they believe to be the strongest overall.


To apply, you must be an IdeasTap member aged 18-30 on the closing date and either be a citizen of the UK or Ireland or have been resident in the UK or Ireland for the last five years. Either way, you must currently be living in the UK or Ireland to apply. You must only apply in one category – choose whichever category you think best suits your work.


Application advice
Keep an eye out for details of our online Q&As at the IdeasTap Spa, where we’ll be answering your questions and offering application advice over the coming weeks. In the meantime, for information on how to create a successful application, read our judges’ top tips.


About Sky Arts

Sky Arts offers an eclectic mix of the best contemporary and classical music, arts, biographies, chat shows, film, drama and comedy across Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 2 daily. Sky Arts also seeks to connect with culture on the ground, supporting and investing in the best of innovative arts from leading organisations to emerging artists in the UK and Ireland. For more information on Sky Arts, please visit


Download the terms and conditions to ensure your application is eligible.


Applications close at 5pm on Friday 6 December 2013, but judges will be reviewing entries as they come in. Please do not leave it to the last day to apply – we are expecting a very high volume of applications, so if you experience technical difficulties or have any questions we may not be able to help you at that late stage.

If you have any technical queries, visit the help centre or ask questions below. The deadline is final and we will not accept applications by any other means.

Follow this brief to download the application form

How to apply


  • Hi Sky arts-
    Would it be possible to have the feed-back on my application please. I am currently in the process on making it a stronger business plan, and the feed-back will be very useful.



    edwinfox , Graphic designer , 19/02/14 , 118 AP

  • Honestly, such a waste of time and of energy ! Are you really taking into account the applications of international people living in the UK (5 years you mention)? It does not look like you do! Plus no feedback provided!! ? Is this how you encourage the next level of artistic engagement of UK based talents?!


    Angelique , Writer , 03/02/14 , 323 AP

    • Hi Angelique,

      We're sorry you felt it was a waste of your time. We hugely appreciate the effort our members put into their applications, but of course, sadly, only five people can win each year. Every application was taken very seriously, and yes, absolutely, the applications from international members who have been living in the UK for five years are treated exactly the same as every other eligible application.

      We wish we could offer feedback - but with over 1,000 applications to this brief alone, we simply can't do it. We're a small charity and don't have the resources, unfortunately. What we do instead is throughout the application process offer online forums where people can ask questions of us and the team at Sky.

      We're sorry that you're disappointed this time - but there are huge numbers of other opportunities on IdeasTap that are open to you right now, from training at our Spa to competitions, commissions and funds in our Briefs section.

      All the best,



      Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 12/02/14 , 8,565 AP

  • Just wondering if my application was submitted successfully as I haven't had any contact about my application, just would like to know if i went wrong somewhere in the application process so i can be even more thorough in future applications.


    JacobChandler , Sculptor , 21/01/14 , 572 AP

    • Hi Jacob, if you look on your IdeasTap profile activity feed you will see confirmation that you responded to the brief.

      If you haven't received any of our messages to brief followers, it may be worth checking your inbox settings on your IdeasTap profile - you may have switched them off so as not to received our notifications. It also might be worth checking your junk email filter.



      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 23/01/14 , 12,365 AP

  • Is it possible to get feedback even if my application didn't make the short or longlist?


    nickmurraywillis , Animator , 20/01/14 , 108 AP

    • Hi Nick,

      I'm afraid that we can't offer feedback to individuals not shortlisted, simply because of the high number of applications (1016 in total) and, as a small team, we can't offer feedback to everyone. We hope you'll understand.

      Thanks again for taking the time to apply. The standard of applications was very impressive across all discipline categories, so the overall competition was tough - so please don't feel disheartened, and we hope you'll apply for future IdeasTap projects.

      Thank you.


      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 21/01/14 , 12,365 AP

  • I provided an incorrect phone number on the application, please message my account or contact me via email. Apologies


    Eliz , Artist , 18/01/14 , 329 AP

  • Hello,

    Can you please tell me whether the shortlist have been informed yet?

    Thank you

    Kind regards



    Bushbaby , Make-up artist , 18/01/14 , 243 AP

    • We have just now announced the shortlist. Thank you!


      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 20/01/14 , 12,365 AP

  • Hi Ideas Tap,
    Guess this is me being a little too eager, but any idea when within the month a shortlist may be detailed?



    Joseph83 , Artist , 15/01/14 , 468 AP

    • We have announced the shortlist today. Thank you!


      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 20/01/14 , 12,365 AP

  • Hi, Happy New Year!
    I was just wondering if it would be too late to attach some dancing photos to my profile?

    Many thanks,


    SarahShep2Dance , Dancer , 07/01/14 , 77 AP

    • Judging has been underway since 6 December, so it may be too late. You can add extra work to your portfolio but it is likely judges will have already looked in it.



      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 08/01/14 , 12,365 AP

  • Hello!

    Do you know when and where any shortlisted applicants for the Futures Fund would be expected to meet the panel for the more detailed pitch?

    Many thanks


    Saffy Setohy , Choreographer , 07/01/14 , 269 AP

    • We're hoping to announce a shortlist within a week or two, and once we've notified the shortlist we'll be in touch about pitches.



      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 08/01/14 , 12,365 AP

  • Hi there,
    I just re-read the terms and conditions, but in my 'milestones' part of the application I mentioned it would take place from January 2014 - May 2015. This is amenable to March 2014 - March 2015, I hope this will not disqualify my application?




    CasualSivan , Artist , 06/01/14 , 750 AP

    • If your timeline is flexible and the project has not already started, that should be fine. Thanks.


      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 08/01/14 , 12,365 AP


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