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What you win

We're giving 12 film graduates the chance to benefit from a tiered programme of support designed to help them get their foot in the door. Prizes on offer include careers coaching, a screening, and up to £1,000 prize money. 


Nicky Bentham – producer

Suzie Templeton – Oscar-winning animator

Mat Osman – editor, Le Cool

Jerry Rothwell – documentary filmmaker


25/07/14 05:00 PM
day to go


Note: This brief is open to all IdeasTap members who graduated from a higher education course (e.g. HND, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees) in 2013, or are due to graduate this year.

For the Graduate Award - Design click here.

IdeasTap Graduate Awards recognise the high standard of work being produced by UK-based graduates each year.

Working with leading industry figures, we've come up with a package of support to help filmmaking graduates get a foot in the door.

Apply for IdeasTap Graduate Award: Film for the chance to win careers coaching, a screening, up to £1,000, plus a one-to-one critique of your work by a film industry expert. 

This award is open to the following four categories:

  • Documentary
  • Animation
  • Fiction
  • Music video

The prize 

Twelve finalists (three from each category) will each receive:

  • A screening of their short film to a panel of film industry experts, who will give feedback on the film.
  • A screening of their short film to an industry audience. 

Third prize overall

  • In each category one person will also receive £250 prize money, plus a one-to-one feedback session with an industry professional. 

Second prize overall

  • One winner in each category will receive £500 prize money, plus a one-to-one feedback session with an industry professional. 

First prize overall

  • One winner in each category will receive £1,000 prize money, plus a one-to-one feedback session with an industry professional. 


  • Open to UK residents only
  • Open to graduates of all higher education courses (e.g. HND, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees) who graduated in 2013 or are due to graduate this year.
  • The project must have been created after March 2013.

This brief closes on Friday 25 July 2014 at 5pm. It is open to all IdeasTap members who graduated from a higher education course (e.g. HND, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees) in 2013, or are due to graduate this year.

If you have any technical queries, please visit the Help Centre. Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances, including technical issues – so make sure you don’t leave your application to the last minute.

Image used under Creative Commons from Jason Parrish.

How to apply


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  • Hi there,

    I made two documentary films in my final year, could I submit two applications one for each film?



    natashahawthornthwaite , Filmmaker , 23/07/14 , 17 AP

  • I cannot see my pitch, how do I know if I have applied correctly?


    ISOLA , Filmmaker , 23/07/14 , 157 AP

    • I'm afraid you can't view your pitch once you've submitted, but you can see whether or not you have submitted a pitch by checking the Activity Feed on your IdeasTap profile (which will say if you've responded).



      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 23/07/14 , 10,615 AP

  • Hi,

    I applied a few weeks back but I've just received an email telling me to apply. Is this just a blanket email being sent out to people following this brief or did my application not come through your end?

    All the best,


    DrewScottDavis , Filmmaker , 18/07/14 , 42 AP

    • me too! eek.


      Sophie Heppell , Filmmaker , 18/07/14 , 402 AP

      • me too. I suspect the message was sent to everyone following the brief, but lets see what ideastap says.


        andyschest , Filmmaker , 19/07/14 , 91 AP

      • Hello all,

        We send a reminder to all brief followers about the deadline (whether they've applied already or not). So if you have already submitted, don't worry!



        The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 23/07/14 , 10,615 AP

  • just uploaded my project. Good luck everyone!


    andyschest , Filmmaker , 14/07/14 , 91 AP

  • Just added my submission "The Spider & The Fly" into the submitted brief pitch portfolio thing. Many thanks!


    SomeFilmmaker , Filmmaker , 11/07/14 , 276 AP

  • I sent you guys an email about this but you must be really busy, let me know if you received it please.


    Onysha , Writer , 11/07/14 , 1,672 AP

    • We'll chase this up - apologies for the delay. Thanks!


      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 11/07/14 , 10,615 AP

  • I graduated from a film production course in July 2013 and was soon after recruited to work abroad in China. Whilst there I shot a documentary off of my own back (and with my own equipment) about some fascinating subjects that I happened to meet. If I submit the film, is it eligible despite not being directly linked to my university course? I fit all of the necessary criteria, I just want to make sure.

    Also, is there a cap on duration? Many thanks.


    Philip Wiseman , Filmmaker , 03/07/14 , 70 AP

  • Hi, I'm a UK based filmmaker but I graduated from an MA film course in Barcelona - does this count? And must the film be from the course or can it be one since then? Thanks!


    Victoria Fiore , Filmmaker , 01/07/14 , 949 AP

    • It should have been a UK-based course, and the film should be your final project that you made on the course. Thanks!


      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 15/07/14 , 10,615 AP

  • I see someone has already enquired about password restricted videos. Can I confirm we are allowed to upload password protected videos? If so, where do we place the password / to whom do we send it to? Additionally, in one instance the brief says 'filmmaking graduates', in another it is simply 'graduates'. Can we apply if our degree was in something unrelated to film? Many thanks.


    ismarbadzic , Filmmaker , 01/07/14 , 122 AP

    • Hi Ismar, this opportunity is aimed at graduates from film courses, so the short film was made as part of your course for your final year project.

      If you embed a password-restricted video to your IdeasTap portfolio, it's best to include the necessary password in your application (e.g. in your pitch). If the video won't embed, check with your original provider (e.g. Vimeo) to see what their policies are on sharing password-restricted content on other sites.



      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 01/07/14 , 10,615 AP

      • Thanks. I'm a filmmaker but my course was philosophy, I made the film as part of my university sphere and it's as much a product of my course and my final year at university as a film student's final year project is. I'd be very grateful if I could still submit as everything else except the specific course fits nicely with the spec.


        ismarbadzic , Filmmaker , 02/07/14 , 122 AP

  • If I'm from Mexico but graduated in june in the UK (undergraduate degree), am I not able to apply? I'm in the UK with a student visa...


    kaseymitsuri , Animator , 14/06/14 , 10 AP

    • If you studied in the UK and are currently based in the UK, then you can apply. Thanks!


      The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 16/06/14 , 10,615 AP

    • What link do we put for:
      "Provide a link to your film work in your IdeasTap portfolio"

      a vimeo link or the URL when we access our portfolio?



      gwadahir , Video/film production , 19/06/14 , 48 AP


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