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Sky Arts Futures Fund has been renamed Sky Academy Arts Scholarships. To find out more, visit the Sky Academy website.

Sky Arts is once again offering five young artists £30,000 each to fund their work for a full year as part of the Sky Arts Ignition: Futures Fund – in association with IdeasTap.

Sky Arts recognises that there’s an incredible amount of young talent in the arts today, but finding a way to get your work made is an ever-present challenge – so we’re on the lookout for five more artists to fund.

The fund is designed to develop your creative practice and help take your work to the next level. We’ll pair you with a mentor from Sky to help you develop your networks, skills and knowledge in the arts and the commercial sector, and support you through Sky’s platforms.


Changes to the fund this year:

FIVE artists will be selected during this round of funding, so this is your last chance to apply before autumn 2013.

The fund is open to applications from the following fields:

• Performing arts: theatre-makers including playwrights, spoken word artists, directors, puppeteers and live artists

• Dance: dancers and choreographers

• Music: musicians, composers, songwriters and conductors

• Visual art: fine artists, sculptors, photographers, animators and video artists

• Creative producing: do you bring together disparate parts of culture in exciting and innovative ways? This category is open to creative producers working in visual arts, theatre, film and performance/dance.

There won't necessarily be a winner in every one of the five categories. Looking at all the applications, the judges will pick the five entries they believe to be the strongest overall.

For more information, read our article about what’s changed in the Futures Fund.

For tips from the top, read our interview with Sky Arts Channel Director, James Hunt.

To apply, you must be an IdeasTap member aged 18-30 on the closing date, Wednesday 19 December 2012, and either be a citizen of the UK or Ireland or have been resident in the UK or Ireland for the last five years. Either way, you must currently be living in the UK or Ireland to apply. It’s free to become an IdeasTap member and just takes a few minutes – sign up here.


Previous winners

Read about how the five winners from the first two rounds have been helped by the fund.


Application advice

Keep an eye out for details of the four seminars across the UK and Ireland we’re running that will give advice on how to write that winning application. Bookings will open soon.

In the meantime, for advice on how to create a successful application, read our Sky Arts judging: Top tips article.


About Sky Arts

Sky Arts offers an eclectic mix of the best contemporary and classical music, arts, biographies, chat shows, film, drama and comedy across Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 2 daily. Sky Arts also seeks to connect with culture on the ground, supporting and investing in the best of innovative arts from leading organisations to emerging artists in the UK and Ireland. For more information on Sky Arts, please visit


Download the terms and conditions to ensure your application is eligible.

Download the FAQs to see if your questions have already been answered. 


Applications close at 5pm on Wednesday 19 December 2012. Please do not leave it to the last day to apply – we are expecting a very high volume of applications, so if you experience technical difficulties or have any questions we may not be able to help you at that late stage. If you have any technical queries, visit the help centre. The deadline is final and we will not accept applications by any other means.

Follow this brief to download the application form

How to apply


  • Hi all,

    We're sorry to hear your concerns. We're very grateful for all of the time that our members put into their applications and would like to thank you all for applying.

    As with previous rounds of the Futures Fund, we messaged all brief followers announcing the winners and shortlist as soon as this information was made available. The winners and shortlist were publicly published on the brief page itself. We also announced the news on social media and in IdeasMag, and featured the article on our site homepage.

    We're sorry if you didn't receive our site message - it may be worth checking your inbox settings, as you may have switched off notifications.

    We hope you will continue to apply for IdeasTap briefs in future.

    Best wishes,
    The IdeasTap Team


    The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 07/05/13 , 10,650 AP

  • Here is the shortlist - again tis a real shame we have to go digging around to find this. However Big congrats to the shortlisted candidates and highly commended!


    Johnny Cullen , Filmmaker , 05/03/13 , 266 AP

  • So has the shortlist been announced? I cant find it anywhere though people are talking about it here....


    hrbryan , Producer , 01/03/13 , 804 AP

  • everywherenowhere I completely agree. It is a shame. In the last round they sent out emails and it was clearly announced on the Brief page. In round two, they did however say if you wanted feedback to let them know but that didn't happen, again that was a shame as we all know that it's a long shot but to be given feedback, especially if long or shortlisted can be amaxingly helpful. I think this is what happens a lot, that people aren't informed, but just because it is commonplace doesn't mean it's right. A massive congratulations to the shortlisted applicants, it's just a shame that there hasn't been more respect for the unsuccesful applicants.


    Ellagreenhill , Playwright , 01/03/13 , 831 AP

  • I just want to say I think the way this brief has been handled is a real shame. People were kept hanging on much longer than originally published. There was never any contact when the list was announced, nor is it announced on here. I only found out the results searching through sky arts twitter feed. Everyone who entered must have put a lot of time and effort into applying and I feel let down by the information shared since then. I'm sure I'm not the only one.


    everywherenowhere , Sculptor , 01/03/13 , 479 AP

  • Sorry to ask but does anyone know if the winners have been announced?


    rosiewhitneyfish , Choreographer , 22/02/13 , 2,744 AP

  • Has there been any news?


    Barra Collins , Actor , 19/02/13 , 764 AP

  • hey ideas tap. Do you have a rough date for when the first short list/long list is going to be announced? Thank you!


    Lorie A.T.O.S , Artist , 05/02/13 , 557 AP

  • Hi Team,

    When do you guys decide on a longlist / shortlist for the award? Alex x


    Alex Packer , Actor , 30/01/13 , 605 AP

  • Can I ask if the video I put in my portfolio is playable / viewable to the panel / judges ?



    strangey316 , Video/film production , 21/01/13 , 81 AP


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