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Want to see exciting new acting talent performing your original play?

East 15 Acting School are looking for a new play to stage as part of their BA Acting final-year showcases.

The winning play will be performed a minimum of three times at the Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden during the fortnight commencing 27 May 2013, by a company of final-year BA Acting students directed by Zoe Waterman.

Other plays within this series will be a new play written and directed by Anthony Clark, former Artistic Director of Hampstead Theatre, and a new play sourced from The Royal Court writers group and directed by Lucy Skilbeck.

The winning playwright will:

• See a large-scale, professionally trained cast perform their work.

• See their work directed by a professional director and supported by a professional technical crew.

• Showcase their work to the industry in a minimum of three performances for which they will receive two free tickets per performance.

• Receive a performance-rights fee of £70 per show.

Only examples of new writing will be considered. Adaptations, screenplays, treatments, radio plays, prose, poetry or scripts for non-live performance will not be considered. Plays should be longer than one hour but no longer than two hours in duration, and must feature a minimum of seven and maximum of fifteen roles that will provide actors with a challenge. When selecting a play to submit be mindful of the fact the majority of performers will be in their early-to-mid 20s.

You can only submit one play, and you will not be allowed to resubmit amended or edited scripts. If your play is selected, you must be able to meet with the production team at East 15 Acting School during March 2013. You must be willing to see your work edited/amended by the production team.


This brief closes on Wednesday 30 January at 12pm and is open to IdeasTap members aged 18 and above. If you have any technical queries, visit the help centre. Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances, including technical issues – so make sure you don’t leave your application to the last minute.

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  • Thank you, that's very understanding.


    rmstheatre , Playwright , 30/01/13 , 208 AP

  • Hello,

    The first thing to do, if you're having trouble opening/ editing your portfolio, would be to try using a different browser (Chrome often works) or try closing the page, clearing your browser cache, and reopening. That'll get rid of any bugs that might prevent you from opening it.

    If that doesn't work, please email us ASAP at with problem details and a link to your IdeasTap portfolio and we'll do our best to help.



    The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 29/01/13 , 10,617 AP

  • have been trying to download my script since 17 Dec and it won't take it - deadline is tomorrow! what can I do! Desperate


    chapwell projects , Playwright , 29/01/13 , 83 AP

  • Hi rmstheatre,

    That's fine! Go ahead and resubmit and we'll disregard your first application.


    The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 29/01/13 , 10,617 AP

  • Hi

    I've just realised the version of Dark Matter I uploaded wasn't the final one - can I resubmit it?




    rmstheatre , Playwright , 28/01/13 , 208 AP

  • Hi Burton St John,
    Your application has been uploaded successfully - thanks!

    However, you must have a profile picture to apply for all IdeasTap briefs (it doesn't have to be a headshot) so please upload one before the deadline,



    The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 28/01/13 , 10,617 AP

  • Hi. I sent in my Manuscript, a play, to the 15 east project but couldn't confirm that it had gone into your system. The title is UB99. Could you confirm that you have received it. Thanks


    Burton St John , Writer , 24/01/13 , 49 AP

  • Hi, could you be exact as to the dates the winner would be required to attend in March? Thanks.


    Bernie carter , Playwright , 22/01/13 , 200 AP

  • Hi,

    Andrew - Yes, that's fine.

    Chris - Apologies for the confusion. You should submit ONE of those three documents. Tell us about your experience so far - workshops attended, scripts produced, what interests you as a writer, etc.



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 21/01/13 , 7,341 AP

  • Hi, what kind of information should we include on our supporting CV and writers biography?


    ctolley , , 20/01/13 , 87 AP


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