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We're offering one IdeasTap member the paid opportunity to photograph IdeasTap-funded shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. (If you're a writer, visit the Edinburgh Reporter brief.)

This August, we're looking for one writer and one photographer to cover our presence at the Edinburgh festival. They will photograph a maximum of seven shows during the week beginning Monday 13 August – so please make sure you're free to be there that week.

The photographer will cover shows we have funded at Edinburgh this year – the two winners of Ideas Fund Edinburgh and the five winners of New Voices Edinburgh. Depending on schedules, at most they will photograph seven shows. This will mean working closely with the companies to get great shots of their productions. Also, if the winner chooses to take general shots around the festival, we may use them on the site – but these are an optional element of the job.

The payment is £300, plus a further £10 for each shot we use in IdeasMag and across IdeasTap (last year we used 12 shots). Please note that travel and accommodation expenses will not be reimbursed or organised by IdeasTap – we’re looking for a photographer who will already be in Edinburgh that week, regardless of this brief, and who will do this work in addition to work they are already doing at the festival.

Please note: this is not a full-time position for the week and £300+extras does not cover full-time hours.


This brief will close at 5pm on Friday 15 June and is open to IdeasTap members aged 16 and over. If you have any technical queries, please visit the help centre. Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances, including technical issues – so make sure you don’t leave your application to the last minute.

Image: Edinburgh Fringe by Patrick_Down, available under a CC BY-NC 2.0 license.


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  • Some of the my photos quality was compromised by the upload facility. I shoot in RAW and some of the files have been compromised in compression....


    Jassy , Photographer , 15/06/12 , 1,084 AP

  • Some of the my photos quality was compromised by the upload facility. I shoot in RAW and some of the files have been compromised in compression....


    Jassy , Photographer , 15/06/12 , 1,084 AP

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for your feedback. As a result, we've decided to increase the rate to £300 plus £10 per picture we use. We have also reworded the brief so that it hopefully better reflects what we're looking for - an IdeasTap member who either lives in Edinburgh or will be in Edinburgh during the Festival, regardless of this brief, who can photograph a maximum of seven shows for us.

    We expect applicants to fit our work around other work they are doing up at the Fringe. We aim to use 10-15 pictures in total, making the total value of this brief between £400-£450.

    All the best,

    Editor, IdeasTap


    James IdeasTap , Photographer , 24/05/12 , 6,186 AP

  • Personally I think it's a good opportunity for students and other emerging photographers based in Edinburgh. There are plenty of magazines that will try and get photographers to work for free throughout the duration of the festival, the fact that this not only pays, but is open about what it pays gives us the chance to assess whether it is 'worth it'. It could be clearer about the £10 usage fee and how many images they expect to use but given they are also advertising for a reporter to cover the reviews you'd have to fail spectacularly to not have at least 7 images used. It's as much work as you want to make it. Good luck to the applicants.


    Dan_photo , Photographer , 21/05/12 , 160 AP

  • I agree with Robin - this seems like a really interesting brief but I couldn't afford to be guaranteed only £200 (minus expenses) for what is essentially a week's work (once the editing is factored in).


    sarah.fishlock , Photographer , 20/05/12 , 4,027 AP

  • Hello,

    We have taken your comments on board and have slightly amended the brief, so that the photographer only had to take production shots – the general festival shots are optional.

    Also, please bear in mind that we'll probably use around 12 of the shots on the site (at £10 each), so the final payment will probably be about £320 – well above minimum wage, if it were a full-time (ie 40 hours a week) job.

    Also, Robin: depending on show schedules, they may be covering less than seven shows. TBC.
    Thanks everyone!



    Luiza , Journalist , 18/05/12 , 2,641 AP

  • This is great project for an entry level photographer but I have to agree with Robin. What's being asked of the photographer is a very tall order for only £200 that is certainly NOT a 'part-time' job. We all understand budgets are very tight these days and photography always gets hit hard. However, the potential hours worked could make this job less than minimun wage.


    Cle_B7 , Photographer , 18/05/12 , 12 AP

  • I agree with Robin Mitchell, but still a good chance to get sum experience of covering a festival!


    Jai_HYPE_low , Photographer , 17/05/12 , 6,172 AP

  • I have to agree with Robin on that I'm afraid. Should be a blast for anyone who gets it, although coming from Manchester I feel I would be out of pocket on that one.


    NathanMcDowell , Photographer , 17/05/12 , 43 AP

  • This post offers a genuinely interesting project for someone. But - do you really mean 'at most they will photograph seven shows' or do you mean 'we will expect you to cover seven shows'? 7 shows PLUS shots from around the festival is easily a full-time job for a week, and that's without the editing, resizing, distribution of images etc. It's a tall order! I think you should advertise this as a job with a very limited fee, not a 'part-time' position.


    Robin Mitchell , Photographer , 16/05/12 , 99 AP


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