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In the words of William Shatner, all good things must come to an end. While Becky and Alice are doing a sterling job keeping the good ship IdeasTap afloat and in Bristol-fashion, the time has come to start the hunt for our next interning team.

We're looking for two interns. One will be working in our Development team (working on our briefs and supporting our partners) and the other in our Editorial team (research, writing articles and hunting down interviews).

If you have a preference for one department, please let us know in your application.

The successful candidates will be passionate about social media, the arts and have an interest in editorial and/or marketing. They will be hard-working, determined and great team players. Just take Cathy Thomas – she so impressed us when she was Editorial Intern that we took her on as our Marketing Executive. Isn’t that nice? 

Here at IdeasTap we’d never expect you to work for free. Your intern salary will be £8 per hour, working 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday at our Bermondsey Street HQ near London Bridge. The successful candidates will be working with us for three months.

There will be an interview stage and, if successful, your first day will be Monday 9 January (although this is can be negotiated around your notice/holiday). 

Find out how to apply by clicking on How to respond.


Brief image: Andrea’s School Photo 1975 by Andreas-photography via Flickr under a CC BY-NC 2.0 license.


How to apply


  • Hi,
    will Santa Claus announce the shortlist?
    Thanks in advance °0°


    Noemie , Advertising creative , 22/12/11 , 123 AP

  • Hi,

    May I ask when the shortlist will be announced? Thanks!


    sarah_moloney , Director , 07/12/11 , 1,437 AP

  • Hi,

    Christina - You can apply for as many briefs as you like, however, if you win The Intern you wouldn't be able to win any of the others briefs you'd applied for as you would count as IdeasTap staff. Also, an IdeasTap internship is full-time, paid work and so you wouldn't be able to continue claiming unemployment benefits.

    Hannah - I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble applying. Could you try saving your application form as a PDF and then applying again? Also, make sure it is less than 2 MB in size. If this doesn't work email us at



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 25/11/11 , 7,341 AP

  • Hello, It might just be me, but I cant seem to upload my CV as it tells me the file isn't valid. It is definitely the right word doc... is there another way to send it?
    Han x


    hanlou86 , Performance artist , 25/11/11 , 351 AP

  • Dear Alice,
    Can I apply to other IdeasTap briefs in conjunction with this brief, because you said it's only not allowed if you are chosen to intern? Since the pay is above minimum wage, does it qualify as a short term job rather than an internship? I'm really interested but am unsure if I'm eligible since I'm on unemployment benefit. I can only apply if it's a 'job' or less than 16hours a week if it was work experience. Thanks for the clarification.


    ChristinaLai , Journalist , 22/11/11 , 553 AP

  • Kasia, the intern brief runs every 3 months so there will be another chance to apply for the summer months. Thanks.


    Alice de Cent , Writer , 09/11/11 , 552 AP

  • JHenwick - Hi, while you're working for IdeasTap you wouldn't be able to submit for briefs, but as soon as your internship is over you would be able to apply for everything as normal. Thanks!


    Alice de Cent , Writer , 09/11/11 , 552 AP

  • I know it says on brief that first day would be 9th January, but does the negations around the holidays etc. mean that it would be possible to start in July (after the graduation)? Thank you!


    KasiaWisniowska , Scriptwriter , 08/11/11 , 1,265 AP

  • Hi, I just wanted to find out whether working as an intern makes you inelligible to submit for the briefs? Thanks.


    JHenwick , Actor , 06/11/11 , 3,800 AP


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