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This brief is for UK-based producers and directors only. If you're a UK-based actor click here to find your application form.

This year Old Vic New Voices will complete a three-year search to discover the very best American and British talent with a showcase of new American plays written by US-based playwrights, presented in London by UK-based actors, directors and producers.

After a rigorous selection process we have found five new American plays with something unique to say and the potential of a life in the UK after the showcase. To download a PDF for each play, including character breakdown, synopsis and an extract of the text, please visit the US/UK Exchange hub page.

We now require UK-based director and producer teams to make this exciting showcase happen. Each play will have one casting day, five rehearsal days and one performance day. There will be one performance of each play during the week Monday 2 July to Friday 6 July, 2012.

This is a paid opportunity. For full information of what we're offering, read the What We’re Offering PDF.


This brief closes on Friday 20 April at 5pm and is open to IdeasTap members aged 18 to 30. If you have any technical queries, email info@ideastap.com. Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances, including technical issues – so make sure you don’t leave your application to the last minute.

Follow this brief to download the application form

How to apply


  • Oh dear. I submitted and forgot to mention the roles I'd like to apply for. Shall I resubmit?


    camaud , Actor , 23/04/12 , 169 AP

  • Oh dear. I submitted and forgot to mention the roles I'd like to apply for. Shall I resubmit?


    camaud , Actor , 23/04/12 , 169 AP

  • Kate - that's fine



    Old Vic New Voices , , 20/04/12 , 17,944 AP

  • Hello,
    I accidentally submitted my director/producer application on the Actors brief. I've re-submitted it to the correct brief now but is there any way it could be deleted on the actors brief?

    Many thanks,

    Kate M


    Kate Murphy , Director , 20/04/12 , 503 AP

  • millg - You don't need any referees for your application. OVNV


    Old Vic New Voices , , 19/04/12 , 17,944 AP

  • Holly - this is the Producer/Director brief - there is no upper age limit for actors. OVNV


    Old Vic New Voices , , 19/04/12 , 17,944 AP

  • It doesn't seem to make sense that this is only open to actors under 30 when so many of the characters are over that age! Disappointing.


    Holly Joyce , Actor , 19/04/12 , 178 AP

  • Do we need to include any referee contact info on the CVs please?


    millg , Producer , 19/04/12 , 709 AP

  • Emma - You can just talk about yourself - the application form is the most important thing

    LollMidwinter - you can email your name, age, and a few sentences about yourself to ovnvexchange@oldvictheatre.com and I'll put you on our "Pairing-up" mailing list.



    Old Vic New Voices , , 18/04/12 , 17,944 AP

  • Hi there, is there a way to submit as a director and be paired up with a producer if you get through to further stages?


    Lauren K Midwinter , Art Director , 17/04/12 , 589 AP


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