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We’re giving you the opportunity to make a short film without having to worry about raising the funds, and applying couldn’t be easier.


We’ve got eight prizes of £5,000 and we’re looking for the most original and engaging ideas.


The resulting film should be no longer than five minutes and can be a documentary, conceptual piece, a trailer for a feature, a music video, fashion film or animated short – to name a few possibilities.


OK, so here’s the boring bit. It’s really important that you read the terms and conditions before applying. In the last round, several brilliant projects made themselves ineligible due to simple mistakes. To read the Ts&Cs click here.


  • You must be aged between 16-25 to apply for this brief.


  • Your project must take place between June 2011 and January 2012.


  • When submitting a response to this brief, you have to have a photo on your profile page. It doesn't need to be a headshot and you won't be judged on the quality of your photo - as with all briefs on the site, you have to have a profile photo to be eligible.


  • We also want to see examples of your previous work and get a sense of you, so please make sure that you've added content to your portfolio. If you don’t have a photo, or if your portfolio is empty, your application will be disqualified.

See an ideal completed application form.


This brief closes at 5pm on 28 March 2011.


To apply, click on “How to Respond” at the top of the page.


Image by Judy van der Velden


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How to apply

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