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If all the world’s a stage, who’s writing the script? Well, you are.

Our lovely partners at HighTide Festival are giving you talented bunch of scribblers the chance to have your play produced at their brilliant theatre festival in Suffolk in May, 2013.

The HighTide Literary Department exists to discover and nurture exciting new plays by exceptional emerging writers and has quickly become an engine room for new writing in the UK.

They currently receive around 1,500 plays a year, all of which are read and considered for production at the annual HighTide Festival in Suffolk. 

If you’re a writer and would like to send your script to HighTide, then the Literary Department is your first port of call. They are particularly looking for bold plays that engage with the world we live in, and share contemporary experience through playful theatricality. This brief is the only way to submit a play for production at the HighTide Festival, and we will happily accept scripts in English from writers around the world.

All you need to do is read the terms and conditions, check that your script is eligible and then upload it in response to the brief. For further instruction on how to apply, see the How to Respond tab, top right.

HighTide will only consider full-length plays, conceived for live performance. For further information on The HighTide Literary department and what they're looking for, read our How to submit a play to HighTide article.


This brief closes on Wednesday 2 May 2012 at 5pm and is open to IdeasTap members aged 16 or over. The brief will reopen on Thursday 3 May.

If you have any technical queries, email Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances, including technical issues – so make sure you don’t leave your application to the last minute. 

How to apply


  • Hello

    Thank you for submitting your play for consideration for the HighTide Festival 2013. HighTide have now read all of the plays eligible for production and have shortlisted four, which are receiving rehearsed readings at IdeasTap this week. You can book a place to these rehearsed readings here

    HighTide continue to receive exceptional plays from emerging writers and are glad to have been introduced to your writing through the play that you submitted to us.

    However, on this occasion, HighTide are unable to take your play further for development or production. HighTide will not be able to read the same play twice, but would be happy to read a new full length play. We are now accepting submissions to the 2014 Festival:

    We are unable to offer individual feedback to playwrights who were unsuccessful but please keep an eye on IdeasMag for advice of on how to strengthen your submissions to HighTide.

    Best Wishes

    IdeasTap Team


    The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 19/11/12 , 10,615 AP

  • Any word on when the results will be announced?


    Isley Lynn , Playwright , 03/10/12 , 3,504 AP

  • Hi Pauline

    We have deleted your submission to this brief. Please do submit to the currently open brief which closes 2nd August 2012.


    Lucy Glover , Manager , 29/05/12 , 8,108 AP

  • Hi

    Thanks to everyone for submitting their scripts. HighTide will be looking at the submissions over the coming months. Just to let you know we will not be announcing the results of this brief until August. We will be in touch as soon as we have any news.

    Best Wishes
    The IdeasTap Team


    The IdeasTap Team , Editor , 28/05/12 , 10,615 AP

  • Hello,
    I would like to retract my submission too. I'm working on the script and the version that I've sent you is really not ready, at different levels. I'm sorry for the trouble. Thank you for understanding. The play is "T-MAX Yamaha"


    Pauline Peyrade , , 23/05/12 , 29 AP

  • Hi,

    James - I'm afraid to say that your play would be ineligible.

    Michael - Please send us your email address and we'll pass it on to HighTide. Our address is

    Onysha - It should be over an hour long.



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 02/05/12 , 7,341 AP

  • Hi all,

    Natasha - Please upload your CV to your portfolio.

    Callan - It's 5pm BST.

    James, Michael and Onysha - We've forwarded your questions on to HighTide and we'll have answers for you tomorrow.



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 01/05/12 , 7,341 AP

  • Hi, how long should the play be? (How many pages/ running time)


    Onysha , Writer , 29/04/12 , 1,672 AP

  • Hello,
    the deadline is 5pm. Is that GMT? Thanks.


    callanstout , Playwright , 28/04/12 , 117 AP

  • Hi there, I have submitted a script for the 2013 festival called 'sex, cheques, and talking monkeys' . I just wondered if I could ask a question regarding one of my other scripts ( Different ) I recieved an email saying it wasn't being chosen for the 2012 festival, but they were still considering it for the future. I just wondered if you had any idea what this means exactly ? Hope you can help
    Michael Shand


    Michael shand , Playwright , 23/04/12 , 181 AP


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