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Those lazy days spent lolling about stuffing your face with stodgy leftovers and listening to the same five Christmas songs on repeat have been and gone. Now is the time for novelty.

To herald the New Year and all the wonderful new possibilities it brings, the theme for our first Editor’s Brief of 2012 is Fresh.

So whether you’ve resolved to start a project afresh, to swap tobacco fumes for fresh air, or to never again have your romantic hopes quashed with a slap in the chops and the words “Don’t get fresh with me!”, this brief is for you.

Stylish garms, uni newbies, five a day, the great outdoors, interpret the theme however you see fit and in any medium you fancy – illustration, music, prose, you name it – as the Editor’s Brief is open to all IdeasTap members whatever your creative field or age.

The person who submits the best piece of work will win £250 and become part of our IdeasTap alumni. Second prize is £100 and third prize is £50.

The work can be in any discipline you like but must relate to the theme. Members can only apply once. Your entry is limited to:

Audio and video – no longer than two minutes

Text – no longer than 1000 words

Images/photographs – no more than two


Find out how to apply by clicking on how to respond at the top of this brief.

This brief closes on Tuesday 31 January at 5pm and is open to IdeasTap members based in the UK. Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances, including technical issues – so make sure you don’t leave your application to the last minute.

Image: fresh strawberries by chirag_jog on a CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

How to apply


  • Hi there,
    I submitted my piece on the 31st, and just wanted to know if you had recieved it OK at your end, since it's my first time submitting for this brief! Im not sure if I've included the link to the piece in the portfolio - is it possible to correct it if I haven't done it, or could you easily find it if you go to my profile and find the portfolio there?


    NJDAVE , Writer , 02/02/12 , 158 AP

  • Hi there! Just wanted to check if we were OK to tweet our submssions/put them on our own sites etc?


    KelleeRich , Illustrator , 31/01/12 , 162 AP

  • Hi,

    Sian - It would best if you got permission before featuring someone else's music in your short film.

    Cindy - I'm afraid you can't delete your application. Please apply again and we can delete it for you.

    Nadia - Yes, that's fine.



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 31/01/12 , 7,335 AP

  • Hi, I realized I included the link for the image in the portfolio and not the presentation view. Will that still be acceptable?


    NadiaR , Painter , 28/01/12 , 359 AP

  • :s I clicked in the submit buttong but didn't include the link to my picture... how do I delete my submission to add it?


    cindyclaes , Choreographer , 26/01/12 , 534 AP

  • Hi joe,
    I was hoping to enter a short film to this month's editor's brief and had a quick question about music. Is it ok to use any track on the film for audio or does it need to be original music to avoid copyright problems etc?


    siânaltman , Actor , 23/01/12 , 989 AP

  • Hi Yohan,

    Your old entry has now been deleted.



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 20/01/12 , 7,335 AP

  • Hey i made a mistake in my first appliaction, can you delete the one posted @ 19/01/12 at 23:42 and keep the later one. Thanks!


    Y.Agelou , Writer , 20/01/12 , 1,702 AP

  • Hi,

    Ed - Yes, that's okay. Only one account can published as a winner on the brief page but we are happy to acknowledge everyone who worked on the winning piece in our Editor's Brief round-up article. We can only send the winnings to one account and it is up to that person what they do with it.

    Elphie - Any written work is fine as long as it is less than 1,000 words in length.



    Joe IdeasTap , Writer , 17/01/12 , 7,335 AP

  • Hey IdeasTap team - just a quick query over this brief. I have a narrative poem about renewal which I reckon fits the bill, but from the brief it sounds like it is meant to be autobiographical/non-fiction. It would be grand if you could clarify this for me so I can apply! Thanks, Elphie.


    Elphie , Stage production , 15/01/12 , 1,087 AP


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