The IdeasTap Podcast: Who needs a day job?

The IdeasTap Podcast: Who needs a day job?


To celebrate the launch of the Sky Academy Arts Scholarships - where you can win £30k to give up your day job and create art for a year - the latest episode of the IdeasTap podcast is all about that age old question - who needs a day job? We've got financial advice for freelancers, interviews with successful artists who quit their office jobs and an insight into what it means to go from doctor to comedian. Enjoy...


Here on IdeasTap we already have heaps of advice, resources and information on freelance and organisation-based creative work. So, whatever your job situation, there's plenty to get you on the right track.

Whether to have a day job is one of the oldest, most debatable questions in the arts. So, we spoke to two practitioners, the theatre-maker and Sky Academy Arts Scholarships-winner Felix Mortimer and the photographer Natalie Lawrence on when, why and how to make the leap.

There's also advice from Graham Berry - an accountant from Breckman and Company specialising in the arts and entertainment industry, who's here to tell you how not to sell yourself short and how to handle your money in a time of austerity.

Finally, the doctor-turned-foul-mouthed-stand-up Adam Kay talks to us about switching his white coat for the microphone stand. 


The podcast was made by a brilliant team of IdeasTap members. Our presenter was Sarah Fortescue, the first interviewer was Daniel OduntanBethany Minelle spoke to our finance expert and Amar Patel put together the piece with Adam Kay. 

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Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) via Flickr under a creative commons license.

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