The IdeasTap Podcast: My Greatest F*** Up

The IdeasTap Podcast: My Greatest F*** Up


Sometimes our biggest mistake can turn out to be our best creative opportunity; after all, you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. So we ask a team of champion f*** ups how they turned their collosal cock up into something wonderful...

We all know it - that cold, sinking dread where you know, you just know, that you've messed up this time. The terror, the horror, the fury and the fear; there is almost nothing worse. And yet, some of the world's greatest innovations, movements and achievements could not have happened without a huge amount or risk or a collosal catastrophe.

The actor Anna Dawson spoke to us first about her tour from hell - how a failure to check the small print turned into one of the worst jobs of her life. And how it has helped her since.

Next up, Matt Neale, co-founder of magical marketing agency Out To Sea and house music label Wolf Music, explains how

Christian Payne a.k.a Documentally has built a whole career on capitalising on cock ups, from car crashes to equipment failures. So, we got the photographer-turned-social-technology-expert to talk us through how he uses risk in his creative process.

And finally, the comedian Josie Long built a huge chunk of her sell-out Edinburgh tour around a lovely anecdote about not only missing a flight, but going to entirely the wrong airport. Here she tells the story and gives her advice on being inspired by f**k ups.

The podcast was made by a brilliant team of IdeasTap members; Bethany MinelleSarah Fortescue, Prabjit Daniel Oduntan and Amar Patel.

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Image by Alex Proimos via Flickr under a creative commons license.

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