The IdeasTap Podcast: May

The IdeasTap Podcast: May

By Rachel Segal Hamilton IdeasTap 22/05/14

We’re excited to present our new podcast, featuring artist Yinka Shonibare MBE, Self Publish Be Happy founder and lecturer Bruno Ceschel, photography consultant Zoe Whishaw and puppeteer Molly Hawkins...

Listen up! The latest episode of the IdeasTap podcast has landed. 



In our May episode, we hear from Nigerian-British artist Yinka Shonibare MBE, one of the Young British Artists featured in Charles Saatchi’s 1997 Sensations show and now an academician of the Royal Academy. Yinka talks about his site-specific installation at The British Library, currently on show at the Brighton Festival, as well as marketing, art school and the role of humour in his work. 

Plus: we ask Molly Hawkins, one half of the Liverpool-based Mr Wolf Collective, what the day-to-day life of a puppeteer involves and get an insight into the photography industry from two people who took very different career routes: Self Publish Be Happy founder and University of the Arts lecturer Bruno Ceschel and commercial photography consultant and mentor Zoe Whishaw

Here’s a taster...


Image: Artist Yinka Shonibare and IdeasTap member Bethany Minelle

Image: Artist Yinka Shonibare and IdeasTap member Bethany Minelle 


Yinka Shonibare on the importance of humour in art: 

“If the work is aggressive, the audience becomes defensive and doesn’t think about the issues. If the work is light and humorous and beautiful, even though it might be dark, people do think about it. If you approach someone with a weapon, they just run away, they don’t engage.”


Molly Hawkins on puppeteering: 

“When we craft a puppet it becomes this creature that has its own nature. The performance side comes out of what it looks like: if it’s old and hunchy or if it’s frantic looking with frizzy hair. I focus on the creating side and then let the performance and choreography come out of it.”

Image: Puppeteer Molly Hawkins 

Image: Puppeteer Molly Hawkins


Bruno Ceschel on the drawbacks of teaching yourself photography:

“It’s like you’re in a big DIY shop. If you don’t know what to do with the tools it doesn’t work. On the one hand yes, all the things are out there and you can reach out to people who are knowledgeable and experienced, but what an academic route gives you is a structure in which you can learn.”


Zoe Whishaw on standing out: 

“From a fine art context, through to commercial and documentary, it’s about finding your personal fingerprint, your vision. It’s almost like trying to express your obsession with photography. What’s that itch you’ve got to scratch?”


Image: (LtoR) photography consultant Zoe Whishaw, IdeasTap member Daniel Oduntan and Self Publish Be Happy founder Bruno Ceschel

Image: (LtoR) photography consultant Zoe Whishaw, IdeasTap member Daniel Oduntan and Self Publish Be Happy founder Bruno Ceschel 


The podcast was made by a brilliant team of IdeasTap members, trained and supported by BBC radio producer Ella-mai Robey. Our presenter was Bethany Minelle, who also interviewed Yinka Shonibare. Daniel Oduntan hosted the photography discussion and Amar Patel interviewed Molly Hawkins.


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Main image: The British Library by Yinka Shonibare MBE, a co-commission by HOUSE 2014 and Brighton Festival, 2014. Photo by Jonathan Bassett

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