Crowdfunding guide

Crowdfunding guide

By Miriam Zendle 10/02/11

As the government pulls its purse strings increasingly tight, artists have to get creative about cash. Rather than finding one big funder to support your work, crowdfunding is become an increasingly popular method of securing lots of small contributions. Miriam Zendle has compiled a handy guide to the best crowdfunding organisations out there. You can also check out our funding microsite for a full list of funding organisations...

Creative projects – all sectors

Kickstarter: projects funded include feature films I Am I, which is about a young woman whose mentally ill father abandoned her as a child, and Blue Like Jazz, which is based on Donald Miller’s book of the same name.

IndieGogo: projects funded include short film Wedding Night, which is about an arranged marriage, and Sound it Out, which tells the story of the last vinyl record shop in Teesside.

Sponsume Crowdfunding is a recently launched UK version of Kickstarter. Projects funded include documentaries Three Legged Horses, about an Edinburgh rickshaw driver, and climate change film Beyond the Brink.

RocketHub’s funded projects include Eureka Bird’s new EP, Eureka, and confrontational play The Deceit of Truth.

Crowdfunder is a UK site devoted to funding all kinds of projects. Projects funded include educational DVD The Rap Guide to Evolution.

We Fund Projects is also non-discriminatory in what projects it funds, and only launched in late 2010. Projects include a production of Macbeth and new arts and literature quarterly The White Review.

Ulule is based in France, but the website is in English, and it’s open to UK residents. Projects funded include Lapse, a noir short film about a hitman.


Music projects

AKA Music was founded in 2008 to help musicians get their work produced and funded. Projects funded include new albums by Kinsey Ray and Lorraine Kotting.

SellaBand is a similar idea. Projects funded include albums from Dutch Idol runner-up Hind, Tiffany Gow and Alex Highton.

ArtistShare has been around since 2003, and includes some Grammy nominees among its alumni. Albums funded include Jim Hall’s Hemispheres and Maria Schneider’s Sky Blue.


Film projects

There aren't really any specific websites for funding film projects out there, but the general websites tend to focus on film projects on the whole. However, Spanner Films has a pretty good guide to how to get it done – you can also check out how our interviewee Emily James found funding for her film project, Just Do It.


For a comprehensive live of Crowdfunding sites, check out

Read our articles about theatre funding, film funding and visual arts funding.

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