The show goes on…

The show goes on…

By James Hopkirk 28/05/15

We have some news. We think we’ve found a way in which IdeasTap can continue to help creative people for a bit longer – by working with an organisation called Hiive. What’s more, we’re hoping to offer £100,000-worth of funding and mentoring through their website…

Since we announced closure back in March, we’ve been humbled by the incredible response from our members.

The noise you guys made – tweeting, signing petitions, writing to your MPs and much else besides – has led to some very interesting organisations approaching us to see if they can help. Sadly, we haven’t found a way to carry on doing everything that we do, but we think we’ve found a way that we can continue to help our members – through Hiive.

Hiive is a professional network for creative people, set up by Creative Skillset and – much like us – their aim is to help as many emerging artists as possible. We’re in the process of agreeing a partnership with them that would enable us to offer IdeasTap opportunities through their site. So while our website would close, we’d continue to provide some of the funding, competitions and mentoring that you know us for.

While we work out the details of the partnership, we’re extending our stay of execution – so will now close on 8 July, rather than 2 June and, in the meantime, we’ll still be offering competitions, Spa events, jobs and articles. As ever, all of our commitments will be honoured – to our members, partners, funders and suppliers.

We’re hoping to launch our first opportunities on Hiive in late June, once a partnership is agreed – we'll let you know as soon as we know more.

Thank you so much for your support. None of this would be happening without you and we’re incredibly grateful to all of you for sticking with us through what has been a really tough time. You’re awesome.


The IdeasTap Team

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