Photographic Award winner: Pierfrancesco Celada

Photographic Award winner: Pierfrancesco Celada

By NellFrizzellIdeasTap 06/04/11

He dazzled the judges with his stark, intriguing images, impressed at the professional practice workshop and charmed with his Magnum in Motion essay. So, we are very happy to announce that Pierfrancesco Celada as the winner of the IdeasTap Photographic Award. We caught up with him just prior to the announcement to talk about New York, the future of his project and how he'll be spending that prize money...

I’m interested in showing the world what I see and the way I see it. That is the dream for all photographers.

I was really pleased to win. It’s been quite a long time since the competition opened and I’ve done a lot of work.

On the one hand I felt relieved, but on the other hand I’m excited because it means that the project has been well received and I now have the chance to continue with it.

My project investigates areas where there is a high concentration of people living together. The first chapter is Japan, the second is in London and I would like to use part of the award to extend the project in those two areas. I might also start a third chapter in China, particularly the area around the Pearl River delta.

Because of the earthquake, it would also be very interesting to go back to Japan and see what has changed.

I will also be going over to New York as part of the prize. The initial research I did include the possibility of an American development, along the whole of the East Coast, so going to New York will be great. It has that high concentration of people that I am interested in. I have been to New York before, but I’ve never photographed there.

I was thinking of using some of the prize money to change my camera, but I don’t think I’m going to do that now. I think I’m going to keep the old one but maybe buy a new lens. I actually think I have everything I need and I like to travel light.

I actually studied engineering originally – I just graduated in March – so I don’t come from a traditional photography background. I always did photography in parallel to the engineering work, so winning this prize means that I can now spend at least a year on my photography. It has really helped to put me on the right path.

In fact, I don’t think I’ll be going back to engineering.


Take a look at Pierfrancesco's winning portfolio and check out the photos from the IdeasTap Photographic Award launch on 5 April 2011.


To enter this year's IdeasTap Photographic Award, visit the briefs for 16 or 22-year-olds or 23 to 30-year-olds .

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