IdeasTap Photographic Award with Magnum Photos 2012: The winners

IdeasTap Photographic Award with Magnum Photos 2012: The winners

By Rachel Segal Hamilton IdeasTap 11/04/13

We’re thrilled to announce that the winners of our Photographic Award in association with Magnum Photos are Marco Kesseler and Alice Myers...

Back in December six talented IdeasTap Photographic Award finalists received £1,500 to shoot their dream project and make a Magnum in Motion photo essay. 

They seized the opportunity to take their work in new directions, covering stories about fairground workers, the economic crisis, abandoned architecture, the end of the world, political repression and immigration in beautiful, thoughtful and surprising ways.

But in the end there could only be two winners. And they are: Marco Kesseler, for the 16-22 age category, and Alice Meyer, for the 23-30 age category. Congratulations to both! Judge and winner of last year’s Award, Maria Gruzdeva commented on the “intelligence and research” shown by each winner. “They both have visually interesting projects with a story behind, which shows you don’t have to choose between the concept and the visual quality of the work.” 

Marco’s project, Belarus: An Uncertain Winter, explores the political situation in the former Soviet state, often called “the last dictatorship in Europe”. The judges were particularly impressed with the level of commitment that went into his portraits of journalists, activists and ordinary citizens. “The fact that Marco worked with a fixer showed how serious he was about the project,” said Olivier Laurent, Acting Deputy Editor of British Journal of Photography. 


Image © Marco Kessler - Belarus: An Uncertain Winter

Image: Valery Shukin, opposition activist and campaigner for human rights in Belarus. © Marco Kesseler.


This dedication to the story carried though to the multimedia element of Marco’s project. “He considered it an opportunity to do something with video and audio, rather than simply document,” said Maria, praising its “cinematographic, expressive quality.” Magnum photographer David Hurn felt that, of all the finalists, Marco showed real potential to “go on and make a living and survive as a photographer.” 

With her winning project, Waits For No Man, Alice ventured the furthest from the work she originally submitted – closely observed studies of plants in glasshouses. Combining images with text and handwritten documents, Waits for No Man is a personal take on the limbo-like status of asylum seekers at the French port of Calais. 

Image: © Alice Myers - Waits For No Man

Image: Waits for No Man © Alice Myers. 


David praised the “authenticity” of Alice’s work, while Olivier commented on her fearless approach. “Her project is her interpretation of this issue and she doesn’t shy away from that,” he said.  London College of Communication photography Course Director Adrian Mott spoke highly of Alice’s technical ability, as well as her engagement with her subject. “Alice has a very strong eye and she’s able to carry that strength of image creation across different genres of photography.” 

As well as receiving £5,000 prizes, Marco and Alice will do internships at Magnum’s offices in London and New York. We’ll keep you posted on how they get on!



Photographer? The IdeasTap Photographic Award 2013 is now open for entries – and for the first time it’s open for photographers aged over 30. 

For more articles, jobs and opportunities, visit our Photography hub.

Main image: © Elena Heatherwick.

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