IdeasTap members rally round following closure announcement

IdeasTap members rally round following closure announcement

By Rachel Segal Hamilton IdeasTap 10/03/15

Yesterday we broke the sad news that we’ll be shutting up shop in June for financial reasons. Nothing could have prepared us for your incredible response…

We knew it would be a shock when we announced that we were closing. 

But we were absolutely blown away by the heartfelt, touching messages our lovely members – that’s you guys – shared on social media, on the site and by email. It’s been humbling and rewarding to hear what IdeasTap means to you and how much you’ve gained through our opportunities, events and articles. 

There were theatremakers whose earliest experience of staging work professionally came through us, filmmakers who’d set themselves up as a business via our Creative Space programme, writers whose first ever paid commission had been for IdeasMag and countless other creatives for whom the community has been a source of encouragement, which helped them keep going during tough times. 

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Some really inspiring IdeasTap members even got together and organised their own campaign and petition to try to save us. Their Facebook page has clocked up more than 9,000 likes overnight. Find out more on The Human Zoo wrote a blog post about why they wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for IdeasTap. Quickly the initial #GoodbyeIdeasTap hashtag was accompanied by others: #Save IdeasTap, #IWasHelpedByIdeasTap and #LoveIdeasTap. 

Voices sprung up from across the creative industries to express their dismay. Our partner New Diorama Theatre’s artistic and executive director David Byrne wrote a wonderful open letter of thanks to the IdeasTap team. Raindance highlighted five filmmakers who we helped. Harriet Williamson wrote a comment piece for the Independent about the impact our closure will have on the arts in Britain. And BBC economics editor Robert Peston and Guardian theatre critic Lyn Gardner were among the many to show support on Twitter.

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We can’t tell you how grateful we are for all these kind words and efforts. So, to help anyone who would like to get involved in campaigning, we’ve put together a supporter pack, which contains information and sample templates for lobbying your MP, contacting the press and making a noise on social media. 

Thanks again. It means so much!


For more information on our closure, visit

Image by Letizia Tasselli, on a Creative Commons license. 

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