Casino 52 Launches!


Watch the first five episodes of Casino 52, a new online drama produced by NYT and IdeasTap

Now our new, sparkly site is up and running we thought it would be the perfect time to finally premier Casino 52, a new online drama produced by the National Youth Theatre in association with IdeasTap.

Everyone involved in the production is an IdeasTap member, from actors to writers to lighting and sound. We ran a brief last year and from this a talented cast and crew came together who collaborated on a online serial - and these are the results.

The main character, Luna, a croupier, has worked in the casino for a year when she is kidnapped. She awakes in a locked room and, through a series of flashbacks, we discover the murky world of Casino 52 and how Luna had become entwined with its mysterious clientele.

We'll be uploading one episode per weekday, but to kick-off here's parts one to five. Don't forget to come back on Monday for episode six and then follow it over the next couple of months to find out more about the strange goings on at Casino 52.

Involved in Casino 52? Let us know about it in the comments panel below...

Find out what happens next in Casino 52 here.

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