Ideas Fund Shorts winners

Ideas Fund Shorts winners

By hattie- IdeasTap 14/05/10

The eight lucky winners of Ideas Fund Shorts have been announced. Read about their projects here.

1)    The Last of the Keepers by Ronan Glynn.
This innovative doc explores the last of the British lighthouse keepers.
It’s all there: the gradual replacement of man by machine, isolation, introspection and dramatic weather.

2)    Preethi Mavahalli’s Heigh Ho the Carrion Crow
Preethi plans to make an animated music video/film for Manchester-based band the Crooked Rooks. Described as “neo-gothic skiffle” The Rooks have supported The Fiery Furnaces and Erik Hassle on tour. Expect beautiful, gothic illustrations enthused with a political undertone.
 3)    Jung by Mohammad Munir Malik
Jung is a short film about cultural conflict, bullying and family ties. Set on a council estate two brothers Ali and Billal are sick of their neighborhood being terrorized by bullies. They hatch a plan…
4)    Happy Endings by Rita Ribas
This documentary focuses on the little-know cult of Saint Mary Adelaide. Brides all over Portugal offer their wedding dresses to the Saint in the hope of finding a good husband. Rita examines the inherent desire for happy ever after.


5)    Bingo Dream Co. by Sarah Bick
This drama doc by Art director Sarah promises to be a riot of colour and “legs elevens.” Margaret, a keen bingo-player, runs out of luck and is left terminally unlucky.

6)    Mary and the Seal by Tom Chick
A touching narrative based on a Scottish folk story. Mary and the Seal is aimed at a young audience using non-professional actors. Filmed on the Western Isles of Scotland the cinematography focuses on beautiful, rugged landscapes and a return to nature.
7)    ‘Orrible by Giles Ripley
‘Orrible is the fictional story of 19-year-old Luke, a boy of “appalling repute” who occupies a small corner of West Yorkshire. We think this comedic tale will both shock and amuse.

8)    Noctuaries by Olivia Humphreys
Olivia’s deceased mother could be described as the protagonist in this animation/documentary. Since her death ten years ago, the family have kept night diaries or ‘Noctuaries’ for recording their dreams. The film is a pictorial depiction of those diaries.

Image Courtesy of Tom Chick

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