Free Range does fashion

Free Range does fashion

By hattie- IdeasTap 04/06/10

What happens when Europe's biggest graduate show does fashion..

We popped down to the opening of Europe’s largest graduate exhibition Free Range in Brick Lane last night and guess what? It was more immense than ever.

This year Free Range introduced three days of graduate fashion shows. We were fortunate enough to catch Middlesex’s show and can report that the clothes were amazing. Sponsored by Perrier (thanks for the delightful cocktails) the whole event ran seamlessly and looked beautiful.

Free Range Director, Tamsin O’ Hanlon was thrilled with the results of all her (and all the colleges') hard work. Chatting after the show, she assured us fashion will become more of a fixture at Free Range in the future, with colleges already queuing up to get involved.

Here are a few of our favourites from the evening.

Charly Jacobs

Katrina Ferrari

Maya Lund

There was some pretty interesting work occurring in the rest of the building too. Read about our brushes with porcelain penises, Dot Cotton and covetable screen-prints on the IdeasTap blog.

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