The Best Art Blogs

The Best Art Blogs


As you know, we’re into art online in a big way, so we took a look at the best things occurring on a server near you.

Triangletriangle is an online gallery curated by Jake Dow Smith. Smith is very strict about the photography he publishes but aims to “make each piece work with the next”, hence his reference to the aptly-named shape. He enjoys posting images from well-known photographers such as Joachim Brohm or Peter Sutherland alongside work he finds from complete novices. 

Magnum in Motion
Magnum champions the use of photographs to tell a story – we think it’s the future for photos on the web. Check out Dennis Stock’s account of shooting James Dean before he hit the big time.

Blood Of The Young Zine
Blood Of the Young is a Toronto-based blog spearheaded by photographers T.Reilly Hodgson, David Geeting and Dimitri Karakostas. BOTY features work from young artists, illustrators and filmmakers. Its two published zines - Girls and Exteens have received critical acclaim, and can be bought directly from the site.

Ideas Fund winners Lewis Chaplin and Alex F.Webb met online. Lewis was a photo editor for Platform, one of the most hyped online magazines of last year (if you haven’t heard of it, it’s kind of like Vice magazine in the early days but online).
Anyway, Webb liked Chaplin’s photos and messaged him to see if he wanted to collaborate on a site to showcase the best young photographic talent hidden away on flickr. Fourteen-Nineteen was born, and it’s beautiful.

Founded by artist Jeff Hamada from Vancouver Booooooom is a blog that pretty much anyone doing anything creative will love. The proof is in the two million page views each month that the site now receives. We’re especially fond of Hamada’s legendary projects, especially his most recent escapade – ‘Wild Things’ Forts,’ in which he asked readers to send in their best homemade tents as homage to Max in his bedroom den.


What would we do without Ffffound? It’s literally THE best image bookmarking service ever. If you’re looking for inspiration of any kind, go here - we love the way you click on an image and then it recommends similar themes. Be careful though, you might get stuck here all day.

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