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  • Friday Playlist: The Letter K

    21/06/13 at 14:20 — edited 21/06/13 at 14:56

    The arrival of 'Baby Kimye' has had everyone guessing which K Kanye and Kim were going to go for. With this in mind, we've chosen our own favourite artists beginning with K for this week's playlist, what are yours? Leave a comment.
  • Friday Playlist: The London Underground

    11/01/13 at 15:41 — edited 11/01/13 at 15:44

    The London Underground, love it or hate it, is a massive part of every Londoners life, and this week it turned 150. To celebrate the birthday of one of our national treasures the Ideastap office have compiled a playlist of our favourite tube tunes.
  • IdeasTap survey: iPad winners

    06/11/12 at 12:21

    The IdeasTap survey is now closed. More than 2,000 of you responded and we're poring over your feedback now - but there can only be three iPad winners. We used a random number generator to select the winners, and they are...
  • IdeasTap survey: Amazon voucher winners

    18/10/12 at 16:19

    The annual IdeasTap survey is well underway – thanks so much to all of you who have filled it out so far. It closes on Friday 26 October, at which point we’ll randomly select the three iPad winners from all of the responses.
  • Friday Playlist: Queen

    01/06/12 at 15:24 — edited 01/06/12 at 15:29

    There’s bunting on Bermondsey Street, a pageant on the Thames and not one but two national holidays coming up. That’s right, in case it has escaped your notice it’s exactly 60 years on Tuesday since Freddie Mercury stood before the peerage in Westminster Abbey and became head of the commonwealth.
  • Friday Playlist: Back from the grave

    30/03/12 at 15:11 — edited 30/03/12 at 15:30

    We all know that great music can give an artist immortality – perhaps this explains the level of confusion in the office when this week’s theme was announced. Like shameless distant relatives, we were checking Wikipedia to check the virtual pulses of long-forgotten musicians, and there was a ripple of excitement when we realised that Czech composer Dvorák played his last chord over 100 years ago… 
  • Friday Playlist: Live & Amplified

    23/03/12 at 12:42 — edited 23/03/12 at 14:24

    Nothing quite captures the pure joy of a mind-blowing, life-affirming, head-spinning live set like a grainy YouTube video. Here’s to the songs that take us back to the most perfect gigs of our lives…