Who we were

IdeasTap helped thousands of creative people to fulfil their potential. We provided funding, training, mentoring, jobs, competitions and a network of 200,000 collaborators…

"I genuinely don't think I'd be where I am now if it weren't for IdeasTap... it gave me the confidence to believe in my own voice."

Souvid Datta, photographer

What we did

We did a lot at IdeasTap – funding, jobs, competitions, commissions, networking, crowdfunding, training, events, educational resources, office space for startups, a magazine – and much else besides. 

With 200,000 members from a huge range of creative backgrounds, and a charitable mission to help as many emerging artists as possible, we were determined to provide opportunities for all of them.

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"IdeasTap gave me a platform to prove I could do something bigger than I'd ever done before."

Rose Hendry, filmmaker
IdeasTap in numbers

What now?

IdeasTap may be no more, but to say goodbye we've launched more than £100,000-worth of funds and competitions on Hiive. Read our FAQs for more information, and to answer any other questions you have about our closure.

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When we announced our closure in March 2015, our incredible members weren't about to take it lying down. What they did next was humbling – and it's thanks to them that our partnership with Hiive was born...

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From the Archive

IdeasMag was the editorial heart of IdeasTap – a vibrant online magazine bursting with interviews, how to guides and opinion. We've preserved the entire archive of nearly 4,000 articles so that people can benefit from the wisdom it contains for years to come.

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